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Enable digitalisation of bunker processes and unlock transparency across the entire marine fuel value chain by connecting millions of data points from ship to shore.

The traditional approach

Today, bunker suppliers grapple with the inefficiencies of manual, paper-driven processes. This traditional approach not only hampers streamlined operations, but also introduces delays in the crucial exchange of documentation among bunker suppliers, banks, and financial institutions.

These challenges arise from manual data entry, leading to discrepancies and errors. The absence of real-time market updates, security vulnerabilities with paper documentation, environmental concerns, and operational delays all impact the entire supply chain's efficiency.

What we offer

Our solutions prioritise security, mitigating the risks associated with errors and tampering inherent in paper-based processes. Automation and digitalisation not only enhance the productivity of barge crews by minimising data entry, but also significantly reduce the administrative burden. 

By eliminating millions of paper forms annually, ZeroNorth pushes for a more sustainable and eco-friendly bunkering industry. Adopting our digital platform enables bunker suppliers to maintain safe and seamless bunkering operations, even amidst evolving challenges.

Optimised business performance

Our Bunker Supplier module helps increase the efficiency and profitability of bunker suppliers, traders, and brokers by optimising their business processes through better inter-departmental communication, automated workflows, and information access.

Kenneth Juhls
Managing Director, ZeroNorth Bunker

"Our ambition with ZeroNorth Bunker is to support and enable bunker buyers, suppliers, and traders to digitalise their operations, reduce bunker consumption, increase earnings and, ultimately, enable the decarbonisation of the shipping industry."


  • Kenneth Juhls
    Managing Director, ZeroNorth Bunker

Empowering bunker excellence

At ZeroNorth, we're dedicated to crafting powerful solutions that empower suppliers to achieve excellence in delivering bunkers, all while ensuring that cost-effectiveness remains a top priority.

Our mission is simple: to enhance your process efficiency. With ZeroNorth by your side, you'll gain access to leading-edge automation systems that streamline your operations. Experience faster payment clearances, seamless data sharing, and real-time visibility into critical bunker metrics.

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Profitable voyages, sustainable horizons

Experience first-hand how ZeroNorth's advanced technology can revolutionise your maritime operations. Dive deep into data-driven insights and optimise voyages to unify sustainability and profitability.

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