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Industry challenge

The urgency to optimise the bunkering process to enhance profitability, reduce fuel consumption and accelerate the path to decarbonisation is gaining momentum. With regulations driving change together with consumers, and the world’s deepening awareness of the effects from climate change, it is important to adapt operations accordingly.

The challenges facing the bunker space is a mix of increased complexity fueled  by geopolitical shifts, elevated  prices, the influx of new fuel types, and an increasing  demand to reduce emissions, as well as the traditionally manual, siloed nature of bunker operations. 

In order to successfully overcome these challenges, both energy suppliers, traders and buyers need to be able to navigate through a hugely intricate data landscape. 

Reimagining the bunker process through a data driven approach

Gain simplification of bunker optimisation on one platform, with integrated services that offer data driven recommendations for planning, purchasing and analysing. ZeroNorth Bunker enables data-driven decision-making across a transparent marine fuel value chain by connecting millions of data points from the bunkering process.

In addition ZeroNorthBunker is promoting digitalisation of bunkering activities which will increase transparency and simplify workflow for operations, dramatically advancing decarbonisation for the shipping industry as a whole.

Our ambition with ZeroNorth Bunker is to support and enable bunker buyers, suppliers and traders to digitalise their operations, reduce bunker consumption, increase earnings and, ultimately, enable the decarbonisation of the shipping industry.

Kenneth Juhls, Managing Director of ZeroNorth Bunker

What we offer

ZeroNorth Bunker offers planning, procurement and analytics as an integrated end-to-end solution turning data from across bunker operations into actionable insights and recommendations. By increasing transparency and providing one source of truth, ZeroNorth Bunker simplifies bunker activities, enabling data-driven decision-making and promotes collaboration across the value chain.

This service is built specifically to simplify and optimise the bunkering process to enhance profitability and reduce fuel consumption. Directly supporting the critical activities of vessel, voyage, and fuel optimisation, improving earnings, cutting costs, and slashing emissions, ZeroNorth Bunker will help the shipping industry manage its energy transition in the race to adopt decarbonised solutions.

Services we offer

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