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Full fleet bunker management to help optimise planning and pricing. Enable real-time decision-making across the entire marine fuel value chain by connecting millions of data points from the bunkering process.

The challenge

The urgency to optimise the bunkering process to ensure profitability and reduce fuel consumption is building. With regulations and consumers driving change together, in addition to the world’s deepening awareness of the effects of climate change, it is important to adapt operations accordingly.

The challenges facing the bunker space is a mix of increased complexity – represented by geopolitical shifts, rising prices, an influx of new fuel types, and an escalating demand to reduce emissions – and the traditionally manual, siloed nature of bunker operations.

In order to successfully overcome these challenges, energy suppliers, traders, and buyers need to be able to navigate through a hugely intricate data landscape.   

What we offer

ZeroNorth Bunker is an integrated, end-to-end solution that transforms data from across bunker operations into actionable insights, optimising operational efficiency and the shift towards decarbonisation without compromising profitability. By increasing transparency and providing one source of truth across siloed operations, ZeroNorth Bunker streamlines activities, enables data-driven decision-making, and promotes collaboration across the value chain.

In addition to our platform, the ZeroNorth Bunker team brings decades of domain knowledge, understanding both the business goals, challenges, and opportunities in the market, as well as deep product knowledge to its operators.

Key Benefits

Efficient bunker procurement

Empowering bunker traders and brokers with advanced tools and insights, enabling them to optimise their procurement processes. By leveraging real-time market data, historical trends, and intelligent algorithms, users can make informed decisions, minimise costs, and secure the best bunker options for their clients.

Mads Bjørnebye
Bunker Manager, Teekay

“I appreciate the solution-oriented approach from the team in ZeroNorth Bunker and their focus on always ensuring the solution delivers today, while they develop the solutions of tomorrow. Continuous development and looking ahead towards the needs of the future are critical to ensure we can navigate the increasing complexity of the bunker market.” 

  • Mads Bjørnebye
    Bunker Manager, Teekay

Make data-driven decisions

ZeroNorth Bunker enables operators to make data-driven decisions across planning, procurement, and analytics, bringing continuity to the bunker decision-making process. One platform fuels optimal management for where, what, when, how much, and from whom to purchase bunkers. These critical activities for optimising bunker costs and increasing earnings also generate an additional positive impact by further informing voyage and vessel optimisation through the integrated ZeroNorth platform. 

By guiding operators through executing plans, ZeroNorth Bunker ensures an optimal outcome, not only to positively impact companies’ bottom line, but also to help make global trade green.

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