A dedicated team

We look at the issues our industry is facing with a unique perspective — a combination of innovation, tech-savviness, and belief that we can drive positive environmental impact.

This is our story

ZeroNorth was founded to change the shipping industry through digitalisation. Working alongside our customers and partners, we truly believe that we can support shipping companies around the world optimise their business while reducing shipping CO2 emissions. This is what empowers us.

Digital transformation isn’t always easy. Which is why we support our customers every step of the way. We take vessel optimisation to the next level by creating new and innovative solutions, elevating operations through actionable data to transform and improve your business.

Made up of some of the most creative and strategic minds in shipping, with over 90 years’ experience in the industry, our team of dedicated specialists work collaboratively — with our customers, our partners, and each other.

Environment. Customers. Technology.

Born from Maersk Tankers, our heritage provides us with a strong foundation to build upon. Experience, reliability and ability to maneuver in unchartered waters helped us branch out. A company that knows how this business works and what customers need. A company that realises the optimal route to success is powered by 0s and 1s and actionable data. A company aspiring to propel positive change in the shipping industry.

Our mission

Every day, we work alongside our customers and strategic partners to develop cutting-edge solutions that are designed to optimise operations, maximise earnings and reduce CO2 emissions for the tramp shipping industry.

We design our products based on these four design principles.

Follow the dollar

Follow the dollar through actionable data

Current data

Utilise readily available data, with no hardware installation required.

User Experience

Interactive and agile development processes keeping focus on the user experience

Partner knowledge

Working with our partners to provide solutions that solve the real challenges faced in the tramp shipping market.

Our Name

Our name, ZeroNorth provides us with clear direction: digitalise shipping for the climate. Our name pushes us and the tramp shipping industry forward. Our name hints at where it all began in Denmark, nods to our roots at Maersk Tankers, and symbolises where we’re heading: straight ahead to a more sustainable future. 

What we do

ZeroNorth was founded to make the tramp shipping industry more sustainable through digitalisation. It holds a combination of innovative tech minds, built on a foundation of more than 90 years of shipping heritage. The company helps vessel owners and managers operate their vessels more efficiently to reduce CO2 emissions, supporting the industry’s drive towards more sustainable development, and to increase earnings. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.