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Designed to help you improve vessel performance, lower fuel consumption, while increasing earnings and reducing emissions.

Difficult set of circumstances

The maritime industry is facing a difficult set of circumstances including new and lasting volatility in market rates, rising fuel prices, supply chain congestion, an increased risk of global conflict, and new demands being placed on owners and operators by their customers, financial institutions, and regulators.

Owners and operators must juggle executing short term priorities, while also making longer term plans. They require a solution which optimises daily operational needs for profit and planet, while also preparing for the dynamic future.

What we offer

Owners and operators can leverage the ZeroNorth platform as a single source of truth to boost collaboration across departments and optimise fleet performance. With consistent data gathering and shared access, stakeholders are empowered to make informed choices that benefit both the bottom line and the environment.

With an integrated, data-driven approach, the ZeroNorth platform helps owners and operators make decisions on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly timescale, based on the ever-changing conditions that vessels face at sea.

The ZeroNorth platform

Our platform directly supports owner and operator goals, turning your data into impactful and measurable actions that enable optimised fleets.

Key benefits

Regulatory compliance and sustainability

ZeroNorth empowers owners and operators to meet regulatory requirements and sustainability goals by providing real-time visibility of carbon intensity, automated reporting processes, and reliable methods to collect, validate, and report emissions data. This ensures compliance, fosters transparency, and supports sustainability initiatives. 

Harshit Tripathi
Head of Fleet Efficiency and Decarbonisation, UltraBulk

"Ultrabulk is excited to be on this journey to further optimise our vessel operations using ZeroNorth’s platform to reduce emissions and fuel wastage."

  • Harshit Tripathi
    Head of Fleet Efficiency and Decarbonisation, UltraBulk

Serving the key players

The ZeroNorth platform serves the key players in an organisation who are responsible for the commercial, safety, and environmental impact of their fleet. It enables success on specific goals and workloads, and generates collaboration across departments.    

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Profitable voyages, sustainable horizons

Experience first-hand how ZeroNorth's advanced technology can revolutionise your maritime operations. Dive deep into data-driven insights and optimise voyages to unify sustainability and profitability.

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