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Privacy and cookie policy

This website is provided and controlled by ZeroNorth A/S, Holmbladsgade 133, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark, CVR no.: 41052236 ("ZN").

  1. Scope
    ZN recognizes and respects the importance of the privacy of our visitors of our website. This policy accounts for the personal data and cookies etc. used via our website. If you do not agree with the terms herein, please do not use this website and delete the cookies placed by the website. Please be aware that a separate privacy statement applies to the data provided and registered via our website when applying for a position in ZN. The privacy statement applicable to recruitment is available here. However, please note that the section on cookies below applies to both the general use of this website as well as to recruitment.
  2. Personal data and data collection
    On our website or upon your contact with us, we may collect different types of information submitted by you about, for example, name, postal address, email address, and other contact information. When visiting the website, we generally track your navigation on our site. The type of data that we collect and register in this regard is the IP address you are using and your navigation through our website, i.e. which sites/subsites that are viewed and which links are clicked, etc. The purpose for registering this data is to ensure an improved user-experience on our website and make the content more relevant to you individually, e.g. by showing related content. The abovementioned data is registered and processed for the purposes of:

    - Providing the ZN services and products that you have signed up for and to accommodate your requests and inquiries,
    - Provision of information to you by ZN, and/or
    - As specified below in the cookie section.

    As an international company, ZN may transfer personal data collected resulting from visits to our website by us on an aggregated or individual level to various subsidiaries, joint ventures and/or affiliated companies of ZN around the world located inside or outside the European Economic Area for the purposes stated above, as well to data processors outside of ZN in other countries globally for storage and service purposes.

    Data collected will not be disclosed to anyone outside ZN without your consent unless permitted or required under applicable legislation.

    We delete or anonymize data when it is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected and subsequently processed. Generally, the data regarding your navigation on our website will be kept for a period of up to 12 months.

    We have implemented appropriate organizational and technical security measures to protect data made available to us as a result of persons visiting our website. We store this data on servers with limited access located in secured facilities, and our security measures are evaluated on an ongoing basis. The servers are protected by anti-virus software and firewalls, among other measures. By visiting our website or providing us with information about you, you consent to our use of such information as provided above.
  3. Cookies
    Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file, which is stored on your computer in order to recognize your computer at recurring visits. The cookie may transmit information via your browser with a purpose of authenticating or identifying the computer (via e.g. the IP address) or the user. Cookies may contain information such as registration data and user preferences. When a server receives a request from a computer which stores a cookie from the website, the server is able to use the information stored in the cookie in combination with the information stored on the server. A cookie cannot collect information from your computer and cannot carry any virus or other damaging files.
  4. Website newsletter
    If you have signed up to receive updates from us on our website, occasionally, ZN may use your personal data to reach out to you with business propositions, to obtain ideas or feedback, to provide strategic information or to participate in surveys or analyses. Sometimes we may do so via a third-party service provider. We will not transfer your personal data outside the EU without requiring that GDPR is complied with by the party to whom we send your data for processing. Further, we will not permit any third parties to process your personal data for their own purposes. We will delete your personal data, either when it becomes outdated or upon your request. You also have the right to request that your data be updated or that we not use your personal data, and to lodge a complaint with the Danish Data Agency if you believe we have not complied with GDPR with respect to your personal data.
  5. Changes
    We reserve the right in our sole discretion to amend and/or delete this privacy and cookie policy at any time without providing prior notice to you. We will post the at any time current version of this privacy and cookie policy on the website.
  6. Contact details
    If you have any questions or comments or wish to exercise your rights under applicable legislation, please contact our privacy team by emailing to