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The ZeroNorth Platform

Built with the latest technology and founded on a deep knowledge of the global trade ecosystem, the ZeroNorth Platform is designed to address the specific challenges and opportunities associated with sustainable shipping.

The ZeroNorth platform provides solutions that are helping the global shipping industry achieve optimal commercial performance and reduce its carbon emissions, by blending cutting-edge data-driven technology with human expertise.

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Facing climate change head on

Global shipping is complex. 

It is at once essential to the world’s economy and the most efficient method of transporting goods, while also contributing to global CO2 emissions.

 We are helping our customers make shipping more sustainable while supporting commercial operations.

No matter where you are on your decarbonisation journey, ZeroNorth’s platform can help transform and improve your business for both profit and planet.

ZeroNorth is a recognised and leading brand that is driving maritime sustainability forward and partnering with them is a real signal of ambition to the market.

Alex Hartnoll, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, X-Press Feeders

Drive industry change

Reducing impact on the environment is a concern for shipping companies around the world, and with growing regulatory requirements and consumer pressure, meeting emissions targets remains a key priority. We will be your partner in your fight to become more sustainable and support your transition towards decarbonisation.


Together with our customers

In order to generate real impacts, it is important we work together as a sector. By working closely with our customers and partners, our cumulative efforts can ripple across organisations, our industry, and perhaps even the world.


Leading the green transition of global trade

Your challenges may be complicated, but your solutions don’t have to be. At ZeroNorth, we build software that turns complex data into actionable insights. Transparently calculated in terms of US dollar upsides and environmental impact, our voyage, vessel and bunker optimisation solution enables ship owners and operators to continuously optimise their businesses in real-time, improving their environmental footprint and bottom line.

Technology guides our compass

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