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Digitalise shipping for the climate

Born out of one of the world’s leading shipping companies, ZeroNorth was founded to change the shipping industry through digitalisation. We strive to help our customers optimise their business through vessel performance while reducing CO2 emissions. This is what empowers us.

Shipping is essential to the world’s economy and the most efficient method of transporting goods. But there’s room for improvement. CO2 emission from shipping is real. Our software helps vessel owners and operators in tramp shipping to optimise vessel operations, reduce CO2 and increase earnings.

Ultrabulk is excited to be on this journey to further optimise our vessel operations using ZeroNorth’s Optimise to reduce emissions and fuel wastage. We are one of the first to get access and see great potential in its cutting-edge technology.

Harshit Tripathi, Business Analyst UltraBulk

We are an independent spin-off of Maersk Tankers, recently launched as a standalone tech start-up. We are a combination of innovative tech minds, built on a foundation of more than 90 years of shipping heritage. We build software that turns complex data into actions based on US dollar impact and enables vessel owners and operators to continuously optimise their businesses in real time.


Effect industry change

We believe that a strong environmental concern is also good for business. By connecting profitability to helping the environment, we can efficiently get good things done at the speed needed to effect positive change. We want to be part of that change.


Together with our customers

It is our hope to effect positive change in our industry. By joining forces, together with customers and a shared purpose, our efforts can ripple a profound impact to businesses, our industry and maybe even the world.


Digitalise shipping for the climate

We are a technology company solving problems our industry faces daily through digitalisation. Our software as a service computes complex data turning it into actions that improve the environmental footprint and the bottom line.

Technology guides our compass

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