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CEO Conversations: Unifeeder & ZeroNorth

As part of ongoing series, CEO Conversations, Unifeeder’s CEO Jesper Kristensen and Head of Global Fleet Optimisation, Per Korsgaard Nielsen, joined Søren Meyer, CEO at ZeroNorth, for an in-depth conversation about the critical path of the shipping industry, the future of the feeder market and our shared vision around the green transition of global trade.

Vessel Selection: Empowering charterers to make better vessel choices.

Aided by sophisticated algorithms, Vessel Selection taps into the ZeroNorth platform – which hosts millions of data points that create the industry’s most informed data eco-system – to connect the data, evaluate recommendations, and consider commercial outcomes together with emissions reduction potential. Join Bruno, Kjartan, and Nicolai in discussing this new functionality that offers both operators and charterers greater transparency and greater mutual trust, powering up decision-making for profit and planet.

Profits, Compliance & Sustainability

In this panel discussion, we deep dive into the industry conversation taking place at Posidonia around CII and how shipowners, operators and managers can embrace regulation as an opportunity to increase profits, improve ratings, progress their sustainability strategy, and stay a step ahead of their competition. Our panellists will share their views on how real-time forecasting and data-driven actions can assist in optimising CII goals and provide shippers with a competitive advantage.

The Green Choice: Using the CII to Increase Profits, Ratings, and be Ahead of your Competition

Join ZeroNorths Jesper Bo Hansen, Mads Bang Donkin, Ashfaq Abdali, and Lora Jakobsen as they discuss the upcoming CII and how these regulations can be a source of enormous oppurtunity. With new technology, optimisation and opportunity go hand in hand, allowing for people to meet environmental standards, while making a profit. The audience will learn more about what the CII means for their daily operations, and why they should get started now rather than later.

Fuel Model Accuracy Consumption Predictions influencing Shipping's Decarbonisation Mission

Join Søren Meyer of ZeroNorth, Harshit Tripathi of UltraBulk, Tobias Balchen of Western Bulk, George Wells of Cargill and Lora Jakobsen of ZeroNorth as they delve into the details of how these world-leading shipping organisations are working to increase efficiency and minimise emissions through the modelling of fuel consumption. This essential task, undertaken by a vessel's crew, can be streamlined and accurately modelled with new technology. In this roundtable, the importance of voyage optimisation and the necessity of a standard for fuel model accuracy assessments is discussed.

Vessel Reporting in Shipping's Digital Age

Reliable data is at the heart of the maritime industry's optimisation goals, as such, data quality and standardisation are  the key areas in which extra focus must be given. The standardisation of daily reports will serve as a vital point of transition towards a more efficient and modern industry. Working on solutions to this data problem, the working group Impact Today has met across several workshops to define a standard for vessel reports, ensuring this data is useful and reliable. Join Lora Jakobsen of ZeroNorth, Pelle Sommansson of ZeroNorth, Chris Aversano of Q88, and Dana Wandschneider of FedNav Limited. 

Maritime Decarbonisation - A Critical Value Driver across all Stakeholders

Exploring the decarbonisation value chain, with a focus on the intersection between optimisation and financing solutions, ZeroNorth's Soren Meyer meets with Jan Dielman of Cargill, Christos Tsakonas of DNB, Jack Power of IHS Markit, and Lora Jakobsen of ZeroNorth. This webinar dives into the full-cycle, benefits, and optimisation goals of the maritime industry, looking to enable optimal sailing and reduced emissions, also considering the impacts to finance accessibility.

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