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Bunker Supplier

An end-to-end bunker solution, streamlining operations from sales to reporting, ensuring clarity, efficiency, and data-driven excellence for suppliers.

Complex operational demands

The marine fuel supply business is intricately complex and requires a high level of interaction among many parties in the supply chain. Operational demands have never been greater as staff grapple with escalating challenges from price fluctuations to evolving safety regulations and contract structures.

Improve efficiency with automation

Bunker Supplier offers enhanced communication, enabling smooth coordination among supply chain parties and minimising errors and delays. The solution automates workflows, reducing manual effort and increasing productivity across various stages, from sales to invoicing. With Bunker Supplier, businesses have easy access to real-time information, empowering informed decision-making and rapid response to market dynamics.

Simplify operations with end-to-end process flows

Bunker Supplier streamlines quotation management, automating the process to create accurate and standardised quotes, saving time and reducing errors. The solution simplifies purchasing by generating RFQs, providing comprehensive sales order details, vessel history, and customer creditworthiness information for efficient decision-making.

With robust inventory management capabilities, Bunker Supplier ensures accurate tracking of sales and purchase inventory, optimising logistics with loading details, vessel scheduling, and nomination functionalities.

Financial management and profitability analysis

Bunker Supplier provides real-time financial visibility, allowing businesses to monitor profit and loss by grade and customer. With comprehensive price management and advanced calculations like FIFO and weighted average methods, accurate pricing for fuel products is ensured, maximising profit margins. The system enables automatic profitability analysis per deal, enhancing transaction evaluation, credit limit management, and tracking agent commissions for better financial control.


How it works

Bunker Supplier offers a comprehensive solution for bunker suppliers, traders, and brokers, addressing the challenges and complexities of the marine fuel supply business. By leveraging the solution, businesses can optimise their operations and achieve greater efficiency, resulting in increased profitability.

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Key features

Empowering businesses to make informed decisions with real-time information, including:

  • Comprehensive sales order details and inventory tracking
  • Automatically create RFQ when purchasing cargoes
  • Approved list of cargo providers
  • Tank details (ROB) physical stock
  • Barge to barge transfer
  • Deal/enquiry management
  • Realtime profit and loss visibility by grade and customer
  • Price charts and calculations (FIFO, weighted average)

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