Partnerships make the difference

Our partners are industry leaders who, together with, we can make a greater positive impact. 

We believe that partnering with cutting-edge like-minded companies, who care about supporting our mission to digitalise shipping for the climate, is essential to drive sustainable scalable transformation. 

The sheer scale of the industry means that no one player can solve all these challenges on their own. We believe, in order to succeed, shipping’s ecosystem of digital organisations must emphasise partnerships and collaboration; working together to drive greater shared impact then could reasonably be achieved alone. By utilising the complementary skills and expertise of data companies and software developers, alongside maritime domain data experts, shipping will be able to make the most of its digitalisation transformation and reach our decarbonisation goals.

These partnerships are becoming increasingly common as the sector becomes more transparent and comfortable with the idea that collaboration can work hand-in-hand with commercial performance. The next few years will therefore be instrumental if shipping is to unlock the digital insights that it requires to meet the challenges of the future. 

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