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Welcome to our Impact Universe, where collective action drives positive change. Reducing impact on the environment is a concern for shipping companies around the world, and with growing regulatory requirements and consumer pressure, meeting emissions targets remains a key priority. Let us be your partner as our industry navigates the green transition and meets its joint decarbonisation goals.

In our pursuit of a sustainable future, we’re exploring three key areas - "Knowledge", "Action" and "Achievements" - to catalyse industry transformation.


Understanding the current state of our Earth and the shipping industry's contribution to society and pollution is vital. We support more stringent regulations to drive  immediate emissions reduction. As your green transition partner, we pledge to keep you informed about global trade trends and regulatory developments, including the EU and IMO initiatives. We will always be ahead of the dynamic industry changes and support your needs with transparency on the costs to your organisation and a platform that transforms with industry changes. Additionally, as we delve into the digitalisation of bunker services, we empower your bunker teams with access to an integrated platform to support your digital transformation, as well as empower you with insights to make data informed decisions.

Educate yourself


We believe in empowering individuals and organisations to take meaningful action. Through our impact universe, you can learn about the most impactful actions to decarbonise your business, make a personal pledge towards sustainability, and inform yourself about potential and impactful partnerships and projects to actively contribute to positive change. We encourage you to explore specific avenues for immediate emissions reduction and engage in policy creation, where your valuable knowledge can find a place at the table.

Take action


ZeroNorth is your partner in decarbonisation. Through a multitude of partnerships, we have been instrumental in driving positive change in the shipping industry. Our case studies and white papers demonstrate successful strategies for sustainability. Leveraging our cutting-edge services, we can optimise your impact and help you achieve tangible results in your journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.

ZeroNorth Milestones

ZeroNorth’s shared vision is to enable green global trade and tangibly contribute to more sustainable, efficient, and profitable maritime operations.

Lora Jakobsen, Chief Purpose Activist, ZeroNorth

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