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Beyond paper: Embracing the digital transformation

Electronic Bunker Delivery Note (eBDN)

Experience the power of automation, achieve paperless operations, and unlock the full potential of digitalisation.

Automation and digitalisation

Through the digitalisation of the bunker delivery process, eBDN is set to tackle several critical challenges in the industry. One key problem we aim to solve is the slow delivery of documentation between bunker suppliers, banks, and financial institutions. Our digital platform will enable swift and secure verification of purchased fuel quantities, eliminating delays and ensuring smooth transactions.

Moreover, our solutions prioritise security, mitigating the risks associated with errors and tampering that often occur with paper-based processes. Financial institutions, recognising the potential benefits of digitalisation, have shown great interest in this endeavour.

Streamlined operations

Financial institutions will benefit from faster clearance of payments, resulting in improved operational efficiency. The entire bunker ecosystem will experience a significant boost through greater data sharing, leading to more efficient operations and enhanced collaboration among stakeholders.

Swift documentation

Automation and digitalisation will enhance the productivity of barge crew by minimising data entry and reducing the administrative burden. By eliminating millions of paper forms per year, we contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly bunkering industry.

Enhanced security

Our solutions prioritise security, mitigating the risks associated with errors and tampering that often occur with paper-based processes. Our digital platform enables swift and secure verification of fuel quantities purchased, eliminating delays and ensuring smooth transactions.

Key features

Automation and digitalisation

  • Support back-office functions with creation and maintenance of Master data, bunkering jobs, etc.
  • In-built workflow for capturing data with minimal data entry from pre-delivery to post-delivery processes
  • Automatically email sent to receiving ship and surveyor with instructions and login credentials before operations commence
  • Automatically extract data from Metering Ticket via OCR
  • Incorporate electronic signatures and vessel stamps
  • Support offline mode operations
  • Facilitate contactless operations where the Chief Engineer can access the app via shipboard computer to complete the documentation process
  • Automatic update of Meter Totaliser Log
  • Support different bunker measurement methods such as sounding, MFM, and VFM for global deployment

How it works

eBDN revolutionises the bunker delivery process by digitalising traditional, paper-based methods. Our platform swiftly and securely verifies fuel quantities, ensuring timely documentation delivery between bunker suppliers, banks, and financial institutions. By embracing eBDN, stakeholders can experience enhanced collaboration, efficient operations, and the benefits of a digitalised bunkering industry.

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Integration of eBDN data between supplier and buyers

Integrated eBDN solution is designed to significantly enhance the bunker procurement process for maritime operators. This characteristics directly tackles the prevalent challenges associated with manual BDN data entry, such as potential errors, email delays, and the subsequent impact on supplier payments. 

  • Seamless eBDN Integration: Direct, automated transfer of eBDN data into the procurement system, aligning supplier orders with payment processes.
  • Operational Precision: Mitigates the risk of manual entry errors, enhancing the accuracy of procurement operations.
  • Adaptability to Market Changes: Designed to accommodate the diversification of fuel products and stricter emission regulations, ensuring flexibility and compliance.
  • Exclusive Market Positioning: As one of the select few providers with a MPA whitelisted eBDN solution, ZeroNorth uniquely offers integration within a procurement system, distinguishing our offering for both buyers and suppliers.
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Key benefits

Enhance operations efficiency and productivity of barge crew

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Digital bunkering, seamless transactions

Experience the future of bunkering with ZeroNorth's eBDN. Streamline operations, ensure swift documentation, and embrace a secure approach to fuel transactions. Dive into a world where efficiency meets sustainability.

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