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Bunker Pricer

A platform that merges real-time transactional data with live swap curves to provide buyers, suppliers, and traders a clear view of both spot and forward prices.

Evolving industry dynamics

Navigating the substantial operating cost of bunkers is increasingly challenging, with daily volatility impacted by notice range, supplier choice, stem size, fuel and barge availability, and more. There is a critical need for enhanced knowledge and transparency in global fuel prices and as well as digital tools that leverage vast transaction insights, with that need intensified by the imminent introduction of new, green fuels, furthering market complexity.

Addressing the intricacies of this landscape necessitates a forward-looking, data-based approach. Powered by real-time transaction data, our platform provides stakeholders with precise insights and a clear view of spot and future prices.

What we offer

ZeroNorth's Bunker Pricer by utilising actual, anonymised transactional data from more than 35 million tons of bunker procured through ZeroNorth Bunker solutions, we ensure our clients have access to trustworthy information for strategic fuel procurement and trading.

Leveraging a methodology that combines real-time transaction data with live swap curves, ZeroNorth’s Bunker Pricer provides a clear view of both spot and future prices. With Bunker Pricer, stakeholders get the precise, live insights they need in an ever-changing industry landscape.

Key features

Get precise and transparent insights, including:

  • LIVE spot and forward price indications in 170+ global port locations
  • Price coverage for HSFO, VLSFO, and LSMGO fuel grades. With planned expansion to include the increasingly relevant Biofuel blends and LNG
  • Forward price coverage: 12 forward months, 5 forward quarters, and 2 calendar years
  • API connection available for both spot and forward prices
  • Forward and historical price graphs available for priced ports and grades
  • Port arbitrage views
  • Forward price arbitrage  for historic contract comparison
  • Simple, comprehensive UI that allows for increased customization
  • Price port map (Coming soon)
  • End of day market report, via email (Coming soon)
  • Port / Supplier database (Coming soon)
  • Price momentum indicators (Coming soon)
  • Last deal done visuals (Coming soon)

Main Benefits

Unparalleled Market Coverage

Our solution offers the broadest and deepest market view, with live data spanning over 170 ports worldwide.



Kenneth Juhls
Managing Director, ZeroNorth Bunker

"Our ambition with ZeroNorth Bunker is to support and enable bunker buyers, suppliers, and traders to digitalise their operations, reduce bunker consumption, increase earnings and, ultimately, enable the decarbonisation of the shipping industry."

  • Kenneth Juhls
    Managing Director, ZeroNorth Bunker

Enhanced fuel procurement strategies

ZeroNorth's advanced Bunker Pricer solution is not merely a technological tool but a strategic partner for those involved on any side of a bunker transaction facing the challenges of today’s fuel markets. By delivering comprehensive, live, and reliable data on spot and forward pricing, we empower our clients to optimise their fuel procurement and trading strategies based on real-time market conditions, cost-effectiveness, and regulatory compliance.

Trading for the modern era

Explore how ZeroNorth can revolutionise your fuel procurement and trading process, positioning your traders, buyers and operators for success in the era of green fuel transition.

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Profitable voyages, sustainable horizons

Experience first-hand how ZeroNorth's advanced technology can revolutionise your maritime operations. Dive deep into data-driven insights and optimise voyages to unify sustainability and profitability.

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