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Optimising speed and routes for both profit and planet

Voyage Optimisation

ZeroNorth’s advanced algorithms generate data-driven recommendations to highlight the optimal route based on your goals for voyage, vessel, bunker and emissions optimisation.

The challenge

The shipping industry needs to urgently reduce emissions while also driving growth and profitability. The need is to build a sustainable maritime company at a time of volatility and during the critical green transition. It is important to be able to sail optimally between point A and point B while still achieving commercial and environmental goals.

What we offer

Voyage Optimisation converts data into tangible actions to reduce CO2 emissions and maximise profit. By connecting multiple data points within a single platform, ZeroNorth’s advanced algorithms generate data-driven recommendations to highlight the optimal route based on customers' specific goals for voyage, vessel, bunker and emissions optimisation.

ZeroNorth’s platform provides advanced route planning with an unmatched capability to enable operators to manage commercial voyages without sacrificing safety, profit or sustainability.


Key Features

Fleet Dashboard

Customers have a full view of all vessels in their current locations, as well as a linked dashboard with information such as: destination, optimisation status and alerts. Operators and managers have a detailed overview of their entire fleet, giving them full transparency and actionable insights.

Integrated real-time weather route optimisation

As weather is dynamic, ZeroNorth’s voyage optimisation with integrated weather routing offers data in real time with an updated forecast every six hours and uses notifications to alert an operator if a route’s optimal speed and route needs to be adjusted. This powerful functionality makes it possible to compare weather, sustainability and dollar impacts.

Compare Multiple Routes

Operators can compare multiple routes giving them transparency on weather, USD upside, speed and CO2 emissions. This feature suggests routes based on millions of data points to enable decision making for profit and planet. 

Customisable Vessel Safety Parameters & Validation

Operators can establish safety constraints each vessel or fleet must respect to avoid High Risk Areas, such as known war zones, piracy zones and keeping a certain distance from shore. Controlling these parameters enables safety, trust and continuous optimisation towards commercial and environmental goals.

Sophisticated Fuel Models

ZeroNorth's fuel model predicts the total consumption of a vessel sailing at sea. The advanced model combines naval architecture principles, machine learning and historical data to provide accurate predictions informing data-driven decisions for owners and operators in the ZeroNorth platform.

Key benefits

Improve business and see the potential benefit for a whole fleet utilising the ZeroNorth platform.

Profitable voyages, sustainable horizons

Experience first-hand how ZeroNorth's advanced technology can revolutionise your maritime operations. Dive deep into data-driven insights and optimise voyages to unify sustainability and profitability.

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