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Live Voyage Optimisation Plan

The new Live VOP interface provides a real-time view for Masters with routing details, including the latest weather forecasts. Better data means more autonomy for Masters, making it easier than ever to follow the best route for profit and the planet.

Live VOP brings the power of the ZeroNorth platform right to the fingertips of masters

With the new Live Voyage Optimisation Plan (VOP), Masters will have all the routing details in a live view. The latest weather forecasts will be readily available, and the onshore team can update and share plans at a moment's notice.

With this new live view, there is no longer a need to wait on weather data or updated PDF reports by email. It also eliminates the need to log in to a third system and other cumbersome processes.

Live VOP will be automatically available with all new plans that are shared with masters. PDF reports will still be attached to the email to ensure information is available, even if the vessel goes offline. Simply click the link in the email instead of using the PDF to have the newest updated plan available.

Key features

Live Plan available in web browser

With effortless user experience, Masters get full access to the Live Plan. Onshore teams can update and share plans at a moment’s notice, ensuring continuous communication and route optimisation throughout the entire voyage.

How does it work?

Live VOP is a browser-based solution that provides Masters with real-time access to routing details throughout the voyage. 

No more waiting for emails from shore or logging into cumbersome third-party systems. Live VOP’s intuitive interfaces make it easy for ship and shore to see the same data and plans and allows onshore teams to update and share plans at a moment’s notice. 

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Key benefits

Live Plan available in browser

Profitable voyages, sustainable horizons

Experience first-hand how ZeroNorth's advanced technology can revolutionise your maritime operations. Dive deep into data-driven insights and optimise voyages to unify sustainability and profitability.

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