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Coordinated and strong action

As an international industry that traverses oceans and connects economies worldwide, the shipping sector requires cooperation and unified efforts from all stakeholders, including governments, shipping companies, international organisations, and technology providers.

Coordinated and strong action allows for the establishment of common emission reduction targets, the implementation of consistent regulations, and the sharing of best practices and technological advancements.

The road to net zero may be paved with good intentions, but we have a shared responsibility to match that ambition with action. By forging partnerships, the shipping industry can work together to find solutions to the challenges holding back decarbonisation and collaborate on initiatives that will accelerate the green transition.

Lora Jakobsen, Chief Purpose Activist, ZeroNorth

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Recognising the challenges posed by climate change, ZeroNorth, together with its partners and customers, initiated a working group to collaborate across the global shipping industry to create standards which reduce immediate emissions and shipping's impact on the climate.

The aim of Impact Today is to tackle the barriers to immediate CO2 reductions through increased standardisation and, in doing so, accelerate the transition to greener global trade. The importance of optimisation through digital platforms as a critical first step on the decarbonisation journey - together with longer-term initiatives such as clean fuels and vessel optimisations - makes it vital that we improve the transparency and standardisation of data. This group works to discover a better, smarter way to solve key challenges that could be standing in the way of our industry's mission to decarbonise.

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Educate Yourself

It is important to inform yourself about the state of the planet and stay up to date about the green transition in the shipping industry. We provide a wealth of information on the current state of the Earth and the ongoing efforts to decarbonise the shipping industry. By leveraging cutting-edge research and expert insights, we delve into the pressing environmental challenges we face and the innovative solutions being implemented to mitigate them. We examine the role of the shipping industry, a significant contributor to global emissions, and explore the pioneering strategies it is adopting, from technological advancements and operational efficiencies to policy shifts and collaborative initiatives.

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Join Industry Organisations

Take a proactive step towards a sustainable future by joining industry organizations within the shipping sector. By becoming part of these influential networks, you will gain access to a wealth of resources, insights, and collaboration opportunities to drive change. These organisations play a pivotal role in shaping the industry's trajectory towards decarbonisation, implementing best practices, and promoting technological innovation. Don't stand on the sidelines - be part of the solution. Join an industry organisation today and contribute to the creation of a sustainable, prosperous shipping industry for the future.

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Join us as we build a greener future by forging strategic decarbonisation partnerships with organisations like ZeroNorth. As a leader in the shipping industry, your collaboration is crucial in harnessing the power of advanced data analytics and machine learning to optimise vessel performance and fuel efficiency. By collaborating, we can pool our resources, share knowledge, and inspire innovations that will drive substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The shipping industry's decarbonisation journey hinges on our collective commitment and action. Partner with us today, and together, let's transform the industry and steer it towards a sustainable, low-carbon future. Your action today will shape the industry of tomorrow. 

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ZeroNorth’s solutions

ZeroNorth’s integrated platform serves as a unified point of collaboration, improving decision-making capabilities by incorporating services across a range of speciality areas including: Chartering, Voyage, Vessel and Bunkering, Reporting and Emissions Analysis.

Built with market-leading technology and a deep knowledge of the global trade ecosystem, the ZeroNorth platform is designed to address the opportunities and challenges associated with sustainable shipping.

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