Decarbonisation Working Group for Immediate Action

ZeroNorth is committed to driving shipping’s decarbonisation through its software, customers and cross industry collaboration with partners. The newly titled, Industry Decarbonisation Working Group for Immediate Action was founded to act as a catalyst for change, addressing the issues that we can immediately examine, discuss and find working solutions to uptake in the maritime sector.


  • Background
  • First Initiative
  • This group was originally initiated in an effort to solve a longstanding industry challenge to drive shipping’s decarbonisation pathway, to explore fuel consumption model accuracy. The aim was to start discussions about creating a standard measurement what is good enough to use as a foundation for voyage optimisation. The increasing importance of voyage optimsation as one of the critical paths for the industries ability to reach zero emissions along with clean fuels and vessel optimisations, makes it important to improve transparency and standardisation of data. This group works to discover a better, smarter way to work and solve key challenges that could be standing in the way of our industries success to decarbonise.  

  • The first output of the working group was to formulate an industry-wide standard to measure fuel consumption model accuracy. Together the roundtable workshops with eleven participating companies - spanning ship owners, operators and managers, fuel consumption model providers and voyage optimisation software companies including CargillUltrabulk A/S, PropulsionDynamic, Western Bulk Bearing and Maersk Tankers Tankers - formulated an accuracy benchmark to assess fuel consumption model accuracy and positively impact voyage optimisation as a result. Please see the new release on this project  (click here) This standard continues to be improved and tested with the hope for it to be fully accepted and used by the industry as the standard benchmark for fuel consumoption accuracy.

The Next Challenge

Together we all share the goal of solving a key industry challenge of decarbonisation. Figuring out where do we start and what can we achieve today is the area this group focuses on. A key step towards a greener fleet is measuring fuel efficiency and quantifying environmental impacts. The data used for such evaluations needs to be of high quality to draw actionable conclusions. However, there is neither a common definition of acceptable data quality in this context nor an aligned approach for how availability of good data can be ensured across the industry. Our current sessions are addressing data quality. If you are interested in joining the working group, please reach out. 

The Opportunity

ZeroNorth believes that shipping must be collaborative to accelerate digital impact; building partnerships and software that connects suppliers, owners, and charterers. In short, the sheer scale of the industry means that no one player can solve all these challenges on their own. The potential to accelerate our collective efforts to cut costs and reduce emissions is massive, so we look forward to more fruitful collaboration with the working group. 

Currently the group is made of up 12 companies and 27 participants. The founding companies of the initiative are ZeroNorth, Ultrabulk, Westernbulk, Cargill, Bearing, Maersk Tankers and Propulsion Dynamics (who we recently acquired). The others in this group represent other fuel consumption model providers as well as other companies providing voyage optimisation. We are open group with room for more companies to join. The qualifications are a company or person must have an interest in participating in the decarbonisation journey of the maritime sector and are open to collaboration and addressing complex to solve issues with good enough solutions as a first step with continued work towards industry adoption. We believe that by working together we can collectively achieve more towards our industries need to reach zero emissions.

Join the Working Group

Please reach out to Lora Jakobsen at lora.jakobsen@zeronorth.com or click here.