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In March of 2021, ZeroNorth, acknowledging the necessity of collaboration in order to reach the critical industry goals for decarbonisation, formed Impact Today, bringing together companies from across the shipping industry with this common vision in mind. The fight against climate change is not a battle any individual or organisation can achieve. To make the changes that our planet needs while managing ever increasing trade volumes, we need to work together. Impact Today’s partnerships connect ship owners and operators with technology companies in an unprecedented way with the potential to make a serious impact. The founding of Impact Today with the support of Ultrabulk, Westernbulk, Cargill, Bearing, Maersk Tankers, and Propulsion Dynamics opened the door to our ambitions of a greener, healthier Earth. Every member of Impact Today is committed to a future of sustainable and efficient global trade.

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Our Journey

Advisory Council

Impact Today's path to decarbonisation has been largely shaped by the influence of key figures within the shipping industry. These leaders have enabled us to expand our potential impact and develop an effective strategy allowing us to pursue our goals of decarbonisation. Under their stewardship, Impact Today has come to define its core values and objectives for the future of the industry.


Our Mission

Responsible for roughly 3 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, the international shipping industry has an obligation to be a source of radical change. The International Maritime Organization has pledged their desire to meet the long-term goal of a 50 per cent reduction in GHG emissions by 2050. While certainly a challenge, this goal serves as an enormous potential opportunity for the development of new thinking and technology. Acknowledging this, Impact Today represents a shifting mindset when it comes to problem-solving on a massive scale. The group stands as a catalyst for both immediate and future action.

Guided and inspired by the power of collaboration, Impact Today holds an overarching belief that through working together, we have the power to decarbonise the shipping industry while also making it more profitable. While many believe these to be conflicting objectives, they have the ability to work hand in hand to benefit everyone. Industry collaboration, from operators to tech companies can all serve to gain from one another.

Members of Impact Today are united through this shared optimism. Each member across the group is driven by the potential success of our industry and by our capacity to become a role model for other industries when it comes to effectively decarbonising.

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