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Without the need for any additional data or new integrations, Charter Select can give you instant access to vast amounts of data on any vessel in the world, enabling precise fuel performance predictions

Fixing the wrong vessel

Fixing the right vessel for spot or time charter is one of the keys to running a profitable business. The performance of the vessel is used to determine the TCE of the charter. Today, there is not a reliable way to accurately predict fuel consumption for a vessel with minimal data available. Charterers rely on static fuel tables which typically only consider good weather days and limited speed ranges.

Fixing the wrong vessel often results in time-consuming and costly performance claims. Having advanced fuel models in the pre-chartering phase can ensure a more accurate cost estimate pre-chartering to earning what is expecting on a voyage.  

Fixing the right vessel

ZeroNorth Charter Optimisation enables charterers to make better decisions through technology and data. By increasing transparency into vessel performance through integrated data from multiple sources, it is possible to easily review vessels before making chartering decisions.

Our services enhance charterers’ decision-making processes, enabling them to easily access accurate fuel consumption predictions on any vessels from a trusted source. Choosing the best vessels and avoiding costly performance claims will improve earnings and also slash emissions, helping the shipping industry to decarbonise.

Key features

Reduced Fuel Costs

Accurate fuel consumption predictions for all vessels

Nicolai Bendixen
Managing Director - Charter Optimisation, ZeroNorth

"It is our ambition to empower charterers with more accurate fuel consumption predictions on any vessel in consideration. This helps them easily choose the right vessel and ensure the organisation earns what is expected on each voyage."

  • Nicolai Bendixen
    Managing Director - Charter Optimisation, ZeroNorth

How does it work?

The Charter Select service combines knowledge based on the 1.2 billion data points we hold, spanning more than 60 thousand vessels, with technical specifications on the particular vessel being looked up. These include: deadweight, ship category, engine type, max engine power, RPM, designed speed, vessel age and more. Vessel selection also looks at drydock events and AIS data to ascertain the conditions of the ship hull as additional inputs to the consumption prediction.

Understanding the ROI of your choices is paramount to improving operational efficiency. Selected vessels can be tracked against a chosen benchmark vessel to get a clear comparison of the environmental and revenue impact of your decisions.

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Functionality of EUA exposure calculator

Charter Select now seamlessly integrates the EUA Exposure Calculator, utilising ZeroNorth's sophisticated fuel model to provide precise forecasts of emissions and their associated costs.

By inputting details such as vessel selection, voyage start date, bunker prices, ports, and port stay durations, users can effortlessly calculate the expected emissions, financial implications, and the required amount of EU Emissions Allowances (EUAs) for their voyage. 

This empowers charterers with the capability to make informed decisions quickly, integrating the complex requirements of EU environmental legislation into their voyage planning process with precision and strategic insight.

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Key benefits 

Easy comparison of any vessel pre-charter

Profitable voyages, sustainable horizons

Experience first-hand how ZeroNorth's advanced technology can revolutionise your maritime operations. Dive deep into data-driven insights and optimise voyages to unify sustainability and profitability.

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