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The following Product Terms apply to the Vessel Optimisation Consultancy Service. 

Customer shall have a valid subscription to Supplier's Solution Vessel Optimisation Platform to use this Consultancy Service, including provide any data required under such Product Terms. 

Description of the Consultancy Service  

Digital fuel models are created for each individual vessel based on vessels specific data, historic fuel performance and fuel model reference library. Fuel models are then calibrated and adjusted based on continuous capture of fuel performance data from noon reports and/or sensor data.

A dedicated performance team, composed of experienced performance specialists, with background in shipping, naval architecture and data science, act partially or in full as Customer's outsourced performance team. While utilising the Solution Vessel Optimisation Platform the team monitors the condition of hull and propeller through hydrodynamic analysis andalerting Customer of deviations and providing tailor-made recommendations for hull and/or propeller cleaning actions including when to conduct hull cleaning to ensure optimal vessel operations, minimised fuel burn and emissions output and increased revenue. The Solution Vessel Optimisation Platform translates the impact of the hull and propeller condition and cleaning events to the fuel model for the vessel to provide accurate predictions of fuel consumption. These enable continuous sanity checks of charter party agreements and custom benchmarking in the Solution Vessel Optimisation Platform 

The Vessel Optimisation Consultancy Service team make recommendations on trim optimisation, enabling significant operational efficiencies by reducing a vessel’s resistance with the water. The team provide clear performance validation reports to help Customer remain accountable to its counterparties and show that they are performing in line with charter party agreements. Users are given round-the-clock, 24/7/365 access to vessel dashboards, improving transparency and collaboration across teams.


Technical requirements

Customer is responsible for delivery of data (see below) to Supplier or make the data readily available for Supplier through APIs, SFTPs or similar as instructed by Supplier.




Supplier requires the following data from Customer to deliver Vessel Optimisation Consultancy Service: 

Vessel specific data

Engine and propeller data

Hydrostatic tables / Sea trial data

Noon reports/Sensor data

Hull events information.

If additional data is required for the Consultancy Service, Supplier will inform Customer.

Third party software or data


Special conditions