Vessel Optimisation

The shipping industry has embarked on a journey towards decarbonisation and there is no doubt that now more than ever it is of paramount importance to know how exactly a vessel performs, ensure it remains efficient at all times and have insights that help make proactive decisions on reaching strategic goals possible. That is exactly what our Vessel Performance Platform does for you!

Vessel Optimisation

Having recently acquired one of the well-established fuel and hull model providers Vessel Performance Platform formerly known as Propulsion Dynamics CASPER solution. This has enabled us to put under one roof modern technology and a wealth of  20+ years of experience and knowledge in naval architecture and vessel performance modeling.

By analyzing incoming data we enable constant monitoring of vessel’s efficiency, ensuring continuous optimal performance, and identifying potential to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Our software helps your technical/performance teams identify which vessels are performing well and which need attention to perform more optimally. Then we recommend what actions can be taken to improve vessel efficiency.

How does it work ?

In ZeroNorth, we focus on seamless processes and limited manual interaction to maintain a focus on vessel optimisation from day one. With ships being unique by design and operating in harsh and changing conditions, it is essential to have profound knowledge about the characteristics of the vessels in a fleet. Collecting information about our customers ships is a fundamental stepping stone to successful performance analysis - and to drive emissions reduction and optimisation. 

Proactive Decision-making

Learn from the past and think about tomorrow - that is how we are utilising data to provide actionable insights in ZeroNorth Vessel Optimisation. By combining established vessel performance analysis methods with interconnected data and modern modelling techniques, we bring different pieces of information together to solve the performance puzzle. Quality data and transparency form the backbone of our platform to enable you to focus on taking the right optimal actions at the right time.

Modelling Vessel Optimisation

The Challenge

Two ships, though visually similar to the eye, are seldomly identical. Rather it is quite the opposite, they are custom-made to battle specific dynamic environmental conditions and sail competitively on changing services. Profound understanding of how vessels perform in these varying operational scenarios allows for effective asset investments and targeted chartering.

With the maritime industry’s commitment to decarbonisation and a continuously maturing data landscape, new approaches for vessel performance management need to be explored to conveniently and reliably highlight improvement potentials.

Uniting domain expertise, modern modeling techniques and a wealth of high quality data, allows the ZeroNorth platform to empower owners, operators and technical managers to tap the full potential of their vessel assets proactively - increasing profitability and emission reductions.

Vessel Performance Modelling Approach

In ZeroNorth, we combine the well-established hydrodynamic and mechanical modelling approaches with the recent advances in information technology to leverage the power of your and ZeroNorth’s data to your advantage.

Our diverse vessel modelling team connects the domains of marine technology and naval architecture with data science and mathematical modelling to describe both the optimal and the current state of the ship’s hull and engine room systems. 

Particular focus is set on fuel modelling, as we recognize the importance of reliable and accurate fuel predictions for decision making in multiple optimisation areas.

Fuel Model Benchmarking

In Zeronorth we pride ourselves on pioneering towards establishing a common Fuel Consumption Model Accuracy Standard to help solve one of industry’s biggest challenges - how accurate your fuel model is. 

Combining effort with organizations spanning ship owners and operators, fuel consumption model providers and voyage optimisation software, in 2021 ZeroNorth set out to convene a series of workshops with the aim to set and agree on an industry-wide methodology for fuel table benchmarking. 

Continuous Benchmarking

Using the results of Impact Today, the decarbonisation working group founded by ZeroNorth, our fuel models are continuously evaluated using noon reports or sensor data and accounting for different speeds, loading conditions and weather. The industry-wide established benchmark enables us and our customers to maintain a fruitful dialogue around the results, as we believe that transparency is key to drive the degree of optimisation and emission reduction we strive for collaboratively.

Reducing CO 2 Emissions

Operational efficiency and optimal voyage execution is often the first thing that comes to mind when talking about emission reduction targets. We in ZeroNorth believe that there is more to it and that the picture will be incomplete if vessel efficiency and performance optimization is left out. Burning less fuel in the main engine or auxiliaries while on a fully optimized fuel-efficient route is what the industry needs to reduce carbon footprint and reduce bunker costs.

Vessel Performance Services

In ZeroNorth we pride ourselves on having a diverse team of experienced naval architects, captains, marine engineers and data scientists who are the backbone of our Vessel Optimisation Service and are prepared to help with performance monitoring and analysis of the data, alerting of onboard inefficiencies and providing advice and recommendations that help maintain efficiency of the vessel at all times.

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