Sustainability at ZeroNorth

Sustainability & Impact

Our mission is directly connected to helping our customers have less of an impact on the environment. Likewise, at ZeroNorth sustainability - and our impact on the planet - is important and is considered in all of the decisions we take. 

The climate crisis requires that we act now through every opportunity possible. That’s why ZeroNorth has partnered with sustainable clothing brand Inland Sea to develop our environmentally-conscious logo t-shirt. Inland Sea uses fabric produced from seaweed. The fabric is bio-degradable, and uses up to 90% less water than cotton during production. 

Discover more about the initiative by watching our video.

Seaweed absorbs CO2

Inland Sea is an alternative clothing production pioneer and is using seaweed to combat the negative environmental impact of the fast fashion industry. The manufacturing company of the ZeroNorth seaweed t-shirt is certified by Greenpeace.

Not only is seaweed good as an eco fabric, seaweed grows at an incredible rate, and absorbs more over 20X more CO2 per acre from the atmosphere than forests. Inland Sea also supports the ground breaking and explorative initiative of creating seaweed farms which absorb CO2. 

ZeroNorth Sustainability Commitment

Every employee at ZeroNorth cares about our planet.  In fact, our passion to make a positive impact on the environment is part of the reason we hire people. Taking action is what drives us in our work and our personal lives. The decisions we take reflect our commitment to the environment.


Together we make a difference

Both Inland Sea and ZeroNorth are passionate about solutions for the climate crisis. These companies were started with a single idea that stemmed from a person. We each must understand that we have the power to make a difference. 

To help our planet, we must start with ourselves. Change our mindset, our habits and our behaviours. We must understand the natural world is beautiful, important and valuable.


ZeroNorth Seaweed T-Shirt

The ZeroNorth seaweed t-shirt represents a commitment to the planet. A commitment to seek alternative solutions which are better for the environment. A commitment to asking ourselves each day about what we can do in each action we take. We have an enormous task ahead of us. It is up to us to inspire others to commit to this journey. 

Spread the word. Get your ZeroNorth seaweed t-shirt, now available through Inland Sea. Be an inspiration and show your commitment to the planet.