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ZeroNorth updates transform smart decision-making in 2022

Staying true to our promise of leading the green transition of global trade and creating value for our customers, we are pleased to share with you a look at ZeroNorth so far in 2022. Our collective efforts this year address the decarbonisation journey, contribute to a better industry and also improve business for our customers.  Safety, the environmental impact and profits were the focus of our Q1 product improvements.

The hard work that was done last year brings us tangible results which are becoming more apparent. In 2021, the ZN platform prevented 218,000 t CO2 which equivalent to the emissions of 47,000 cars.

We kicked off 2022, with the exciting news of acquiring Clearlynx and bringing more value to our customers and the platform through bunker optimisation, industry leading real time bunker pricing and procurement.

The year continued with introduction of many value driving product improvements, helping us solve the challenges that owners and commercial operators face when it comes to optimising their operations and making informed decision for their business and the planet.

With so many new features being launched – and with much more coming in the next few months – we wanted to share a status update of what we have achieved so far in 2022.

Supporting CII optimisation

At the top of the agenda for many operators is the IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), and our new CII service, delivered in Q1, provides owners and operators with the transparency and insight required to accurately analyse, forecast and proactively improve a vessel’s CII rating.

The functionality provides both fleet and vessel CII performance measures and helps ship operators visualise the best routing option from a commercial perspective while keeping the effect on their vessels’ CII rating in mind.

Servicing tomorrow as well as today, this addition to the ZeroNorth platform provides a CII rating for year-to-date as well as year-by-year performance, historically and predictively into the future.

With CII rating thresholds set to become increasingly stringent towards 2030, ZeroNorth’s unique depth of analysis and comprehensive level of integration helps ship operators prepare for a profitable and sustainable future.

A complete risk picture

Alongside focusing on CII, we also wanted to help our customers route intelligently around areas that could pose a risk to their operations. Earlier this year, we launched our new High Risk Areas feature, which enables ship operators to keep their vessels and crews safe and compliant with insurance policy requirements. A comprehensive range of default high risk areas have been pre-defined, but operators can specify others if desired. There is scope to include rules of engagement, an advised minimum distance to shore, fixed speeds and added costs to provide a complete picture of the implications of sailing through a high risk area.

It is also now possible to set under-keel clearance when optimising vessel performance. Navigable routes are produced based on the minimum water depth at the vessel’s lowest point, including its maximum draft.

Bunker and speed optimisation developments

We’re not stopping there. Our Bunker Grades update enable operators to fine-tune a vessel’s bunker consumption to reflect the use of scrubbers onboard. Additionally, the minimum speed for engine optimisation has been lowered from nine to six knots - making it possible to still optimise and slow steam for voyage legs if for example you ETA allows, in bad weather and for other safety or commercial needs. The platform will automatically consider the new minimum speed and calculate the optimal itinerary for the vessel based on arrival window and speed constraints.

We have also added a new warranted speed functionality so that our tramp shipping customers can compare ZeroNorth’s variable speed optimisations with a route optimized with fixed speeds. This baseline creation helps operators to make more informed decisions as to the earnings of a vessel and voyage. Up to three fixed speeds will be able to be evaluated, and behind the scenes, we will run a separate dynamic ‘weather route’ optimisation.

Data intelligence today and tomorrow

All these platform enhancements remain central to our core goal of providing ship operators with actionable data and help our customers and the industry with its green transition. At ZeroNorth, we recognise that power doesn’t come from data alone but from uniting high-quality data with the right tools, integrations, and partnerships to turn it into useful information about the reality that a vessel faces at sea.

This paves the way for measured, impactful decision-making that makes good commercial and operational sense. It makes using digital technologies an immediately achievable next step towards greater sustainability and stronger commercial outcomes, and at ZeroNorth we will continue to offer new, smarter tools to meet the evolving needs of our exciting and dynamic industry.