Emissions Optimisation

The ZeroNorth Platform now enable users to access real-time forecasting of CII - related performance, simulate CII rating and recommend voyage routing options to improve vessel rating and competitive advantage, as well as emissions and USD with an interconnected Carbon Intensity Indicator analysis.

The Challenge

The International Maritime Organisations (IMO) has introduced CII to be implemented in 2023 to support the IMO’s long-term objectives of reducing the carbon intensity of international shipping by 40% by 2030, compared to 2008. 

To support the industry’s decarbonisation transition, our voyage optimisation platform Optimise will now enable users to access real-time monitoring of their fleet’s CII-related performance and simulate vessel CII ratings. Optimise can now also recommend voyage routing options to improve vessel ratings and maximise competitive advantage for commercial operators. The software allows operators to reduce emissions and improve revenue with an interconnected Carbon Intensity Indicator analysis, ensuring they have the full picture for their fleet’s operations.

What do we do?

The comprehensive, integrated two-part service provides owners and operators with the transparency and insight required to accurately analyse, forecast, and proactively improve a vessel’s CII rating. Keep an effective, yet competitive fleet, while avoiding potential reimbursements for negative CII ratings.

Our Carbon Intensity Indicator Optimisation (CII) is directly embedded into the ZeroNorth platform, making the consequences of choices transparent for the operators and managers. The software can also enable operators to identify improvement areas and set voyage management KPIs for CII.

Want to learn more about CII? 

The Green Choice: Transparent & Efficient

ZeroNorth CII Analytics & Optimisation provides customers with full insight into both fleet and vessel CII performance. The software provides a CII rating for both the year-to-date, as well as year-by-year performance, and will proactively alert an operator or manager when a vessel is at risk of becoming non-compliant in the future. 

Our platform provides the critical transparency and voyage optimisation insights required to analyse, forecast, and proactively improve your fleet’s CII performance. Users can customise their CII goals to reach the full potential of every vessel - proactively optimising safety, profitability and emissions.

Real-Time optimisation of CII

CII Optimisation enables you to access recommended voyage routing options to improve or maintain a vessel’s CII rating and provides an alternative Green Choice that balances the commercial upside and the emissions.

By combining in-depth analysis of all the factors affecting voyage and vessel performance with sophisticated algorithms and human expertise, owners and operators can access a clear view of the CII, emissions, and revenue consequences of their decisions. Using the ZeroNorth platform you will get the best commercial results while keeping the effect on a vessel’s CII rating in mind. You can set custom CII goals for your whole fleet, a subset of your fleet or for a distinct vessel to achieve the best possible result for each of your vessels.

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