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Bunker Procurement


The following Product Terms apply to the Bunker Procurement Platform (ClearLynx Pro Platform).

Description of the Solution

The Bunker Procurement Platform enables bunker procurement optimisation by connecting buyers and sellers in an independent, market neutral platform. The Bunker Procurement Platform handles general bunker inquiry management from procurement to payment, including contracts, fuel tests and quality reporting and audit trails. Further, the Bunker Procurement Platform helps buyers match suppliers with ports, manage confirmations, amendments, claims, fuel tests, documentation and invoicing etc.

In general, the Bunker Procurement Platform allows Customer to do the tasks listed below on desktop as well as ClearLynx mobile app:

  • Customize the program with their settings and frequently used trading partners andareas.
  • Manage open inquiries (RFQs).
  • Manage vessels, ports, suppliers, agents, labs, fuel tests and claims.
  • Generate an inquiry (RFQ) to the suppliers in a port.
  • Compare the offers received from the suppliers on dynamic trading screens
  • Generate a stem confirmation between the buyer and the seller with the buyers and sellers’ relevant
  • clauses and notifications to interested third parties.
  • Generate stem amendments and cancellations.
  • Manage contract and spot purchases.
  • Manage closed orders.
  • Initiate, track and settle claims and other non-conformance items.
  • Track order documentation.
  • Track accounts payable.
  • Contract Management.
  • Provide full audit trail for all transactions
  • Make reports on business statistics and price performance including:
    • Buyer price performance
    • Bunker supplier delivery quality performance
    • Fuel test performance (specs met, Sulphur, CCAI, density, water, etc.)
    • Claim statistics
    • Fuel purchase statistical and trending reports
    • Port and contract reports
    • Accounting reports

Responsibilities & Resources:

For the purpose of the initial implementation and training Parties shall have the following responsibilities set out below. Supplier Responsibilities:

  • Project management, review & report to Customer progress
  • Product deployment & configuration
  • Data population, migration, management and
  • Provide knowledge

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Provide project leader with approval authority, who is responsible for issue resolution and reviewing and accepting plan deliverables or changes
  • Provide timely access to Customer resource that has adequate understanding of Client’s existing data, systems, and reporting
  • Provide deployment data to Supplier

Technical requirements

Customer is responsible for delivery of data (see below) to Supplier or making the data readily available for processing by Supplier in CSV templates.


Supplier requires the following data from Customer to deliver the Solutions and related Cloud Services:

  • Agents
  • Broker users
  • Buying entities
  • Contracts (if applicable)
  • Labs and surveyors
  • Ports
  • Bunker suppliers
  • Users
  • Vessels
  • Transactions (If loading historical information)

With regard to any contact information provided by Customer on individuals employed or associated with bunker suppliers and agents, Supplier will have a right to use such contact information at its own discretion and Supplier is entitled to make such information available to other customers in the Solution e.g., on the public list of bunker suppliers. If Customer does not want the contact information to be disclosed on the public list of bunker suppliers, Customer can choose to mark such individual as a "private" contact for Customer in the Solution, in which case, Supplier will not make such contact information available on the public list of bunker suppliers.

Transactions and interaction facilitated through the use of the Bunker Procurement Platform

Supplier disclaims all liability for the general or commercial terms of any and all transactions, or any liability resulting from a transaction facilitated in whole or in part through the use of the Bunker Procurement Platform. In no way will Supplier be held liable for any costs or damages associated with users of Customer interacting with counterparties whether added to the Bunker Procurement Platform by Customer (e.g., as a new supplier), or selected from the current list of counterparties on the Bunker Procurement Platform.

Supplier does not have possession, and will not take possession at any time, of anything listed or sold through the Bunker Procurement Platform, and is not involved in the actual transaction between the Customer and bunker suppliers and agents in respect of the sale and purchase of any goods or services or other items. For the avoidance of doubt, all contracts relating to such sales and purchases are made directly by the Customer on such terms and conditions as it may agree. This is expressly acknowledged and agreed by the Customer when using the Bunker Procurement Platform.

While Supplier will make commercially reasonable efforts to vet the parties on the Bunker Procurement Platform as legal entitties, it is Customer's full and absolute responsibility to vet the counterparties with whom it interacts and transacts. Customer is responsible for selecting and vetting credit worthiness, terms and conditions and other factors related to its transactions.

If and when Customer and a seller/bunker supplier or agent conclude a transaction, such parties will be responsible of ensuring that there is agreement on all aspects of the transaction. Supplier will take no responsibility for any errors or omissions to the contract to which Customer and the bunker supplier or agent have agreed.

Third party software or data

MandrillApp is used to host email-services and Sisense hosts reporting & business intelligence services.

Special conditions

No special conditions.