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Bunker Planner

The following Product Terms shall apply to the Solution Bunker Planner.

For the avoidance of doubt, Supplier means ZeroNorth A/S.

Description of the Solution

Bunker Planner helps operators optimize their bunker planning process by addressing the questions about where to bunker, when to bunker, and what to bunker. The Solution helps the operations team to keep track of upcoming voyages and plan ahead as the Solution indicates that the vessel will need to or may want to bunker along the voyage to reach the destination.

The Bunker Planner is a powerful data driven solution that introduces the new market standard for planning. From a user perspective, the Solution includes the following:

(i) Seamless flow to generate and decide on the most optimal bunker plan

  • Simple user experience for setting up constrains and optimise
  • Caters for both short and longer time charters with optimal or target ROB
  • Optimise for ROB per grade or ROB per tank
  • Possibility to plan for undefined vessels and voyages
  • Map with overview of best bunkering options & ranked results

(ii) Access to a large real time data pool integrated into one tool

  • Bunker price from several data sources
  • Extended coverage on ports, port cost, delivery charges and port restrictions
  • Access to dynamic fuel tables for consumption predictions
  • Relevant data for calculating deviation cost included
  • Ability to take in Customer’s own prices & port list

(iii) Solution supports full system integrations & manual adjustments

  • Set up for automatic integration of itinerary from VMS
  • Set up for automatic integration ROB per grade & per tank
  • Set up for automatic integration of vessel specific tank layout
  • Ability to overwrite relevant data sources incl. ROB, burn order, safety levels, etc.

Technical requirements

Customer is responsible for delivery of data (see below) to Supplier or making the data readily available for Supplier through APIs, SFTPs or similar as instructed by Supplier.


Supplier requires the following data from Customer to deliver the Solution and related Cloud Services:

  • Vessel specifics including tank layout with capacity, max burn, safety levels, burning order, unpumpable
  • Voyage data
  • Port data
  • Market rates
  • Bunker price
  • All daily noon reports from Customer's vessels. The noon reports must include (i) all of the consumptions from

Customer's vessel per grade and tank (ME, generators, boilers, etc.), and (ii) beaufort/wind speed and reported distance over ground. All types of noon reports are required, including but not limited to sea, port, arrival and departure.

If additional data is required for the Solution, Supplier will inform Customer.

Third party solutions or services

Auth0 is used to facilitate login and authentication to the Solution.

Special conditions / third-party terms

No special conditions.


Below the add-on module to the Bunker Planner is set out. Such add-on module is purchased and paid in addition to Bunker Planner.

Customer must have a valid subscription to Bunker Planner to use the add-on modules.


The following Product Terms apply to the add-on module IMOS Integration Module which is a part of the Solution Bunker Planner, if the IMOS Integration Module is purchased by Customer.

Description of the add-on module

The IMOS Integration Module enables Customer to integrate data that is maintained within the Veson IMOS Platform ("IMOS Platform") (provided by Veson Nautical LLC ("Veson")) with Bunker Planner. Supplier and Veson will rely on Veslink API to access Customer’s master data, as well as voyages, including voyage itinerary data and voyage activity report data. The Veslik API provides a set of calls to access data from the IMOS Platform database on a per client basis, delivering data for vessels, fuel, and ports. For data that is not provided by the Veslink API, Veson has developed an additional API endpoint that delivers query results to Supplier for voyage itinerary and voyage activity report information. Requests made to any endpoints that are made available are expected to happen as frequently as hourly.

The IMOS Integration Module may be further developed at Supplier's sole discretion.

Technical requirements

Customer is required to have purchased a license for the IMOS Platform prior to its subscription to the IMOS Integration

Module as well as any required API licenses under a separate agreement with Veson.



Third party software or data


Special conditions / third-party terms

As regards the IMOS Integration Module Customer hereby grants Supplier and Veson all necessary rights, licenses and permissions to export the relevant data from the IMOS Platform and import that data into Bunker Planner through an API including, if applicable, any third-party data. For clarity, the right to use the IMOS Integration Module under this Agreement will not allow Customer to export data subject to Intellectual Property Rights from the IMOS Platform to Bunker Planner, unless Customer obtains all necessary rights, licenses and permissions from the relevant third-parties holding rights to such data protected by Intellectual Property Rights.

If and to the extent Customer intends to export data subject to Intellectual Property Rights to Bunker Planner, Customer shall - prior to the Effective Date - provide Supplier with a list of the current third party data protected by Intellectual Property Rights or similar to be transferred via the API, as well as the licenses and permissions from Customer needed to allow a transfer of such third party data, to Bunker Planner.

Customer will at all times be responsible for compliance with the terms and conditions of such third party data providers and shall indemnify and hold harmless from any and all claims arising out of failure to comply with the above in accordance with Supplier's T&Cs.