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Support superior planning across your entire fleet and maximise your profits through centralised procurement and streamlined operational efficiency.

Total ship Enterprise Management

Experience an integrated ERP solution where you can manage the operations of your entire fleet. ShipPalm puts complete transparency, accountability, and safety at your fingertips. Built for ship owners to create customised workflows leading to maximum efficiency.

Reporting for Increased Productivity

A wide range of business intelligence features are available in ShipPalm to support decision makers in managing vessels. ShipPalm provides key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time of both vessel and shore data. See how your budget is coping, analyse incidents or get the overview of your crew to take informed decisions.

Surajit Chanda
GM and Head of Fleet Supervision, BW

“ShipPalm has helped to simplify vessel accounting reports and reduce the effort needed to look at invoices, purchase orders or any other payment paperwork which can quickly add up and become overly onerous."

  • Surajit Chanda
    GM and Head of Fleet Supervision, BW

Key features of ShipPalm

  • Addresses needs of ship owners, managers, and manning companies
  • Maintains ship specific statutory documents and certificates issued across the fleet
  • Effective documents management, reducing the paperwork
  • Comprehensive ship management software to monitor vessels
  • Designed to cost effectively manage vessel maintenance tasks
  • One-stop solution for all your ship management purchase needs
  • Handles all aspects of dry docking including specifications and work reports
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Applications of ShipPalm


The ShipPalm Crewing module encompasses all needs of ship owners, managers and manning companies. The product supports crewing and its related operations like planning, crew appraisals, managing/storing crew documents.

A Payroll module can be integrated with the crewing module and this can help in crew payroll related calculations such as crew wages, overtime, leave pay, cash to master, allotment and various other expenses.


Key Features

  • Directly integrate new crew applications coming from various career websites
  • Provides storing and management of seafarer’s basic data such as CVs and crew list
  • Generates ‘purchase order’ to vendor directly through the system for the crew regarding airfare, cab, training, medicals, hotel, and flag
  • Print/upload crew specific and generic forms from the system
  • Displays alerts when crew certificates are expiring

Business Intelligence

A wide range of Business Intelligence features are available in ShipPalm to support decision makers in their daily vessel efficiency management. ShipPalm provides Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in real-time and on-the-vessel data collection & local business intelligence reports.

Benefits of using ShipPalm

  • Establishes a close and transparent relationship between ship owners, crew managers and crew
  • Provides sophisticated tracking of certificates leading to better compliance with class requirements
  • Helps reduce accidents and incidents resulting in reduced costs                            
  • Ensures the implementation of audits and inspections process 
  • Provides record keeping and archiving
  • Adopt best procurement practices leading to better inventory management 
  • Structured workflow of purchasing activities leading to complete transparency in procurement functions
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