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ZeroNorth consolidates bunker businesses to accelerate environmental impact

Unified platform approach for ZeroNorth Bunker with interconnected data will fuel digitalisation and sustainability

Technology company ZeroNorth has today announced that it is consolidating its existing bunkering business under the ZeroNorth brand, unlocking faster value delivery for customers, and driving enhanced data-driven insights, additional fuel savings, improved profit margins and emissions reduction.

ZeroNorth recognises the importance of digitisation across the entire bunker value chain to accelerate the decarbonisation of the shipping industry. To this end, the past 18 months have seen ZeroNorth invest heavily in the bunkering space, acquiring Clearlynx, Prosmar Bunkering and BTS to serve all parts of the market. The integration into ZeroNorth Bunker will see one unified team come together under a single brand, creating synergies across the different solutions to enable faster release of new features that respond to market needs.

ZeroNorth Bunker will consolidate the company’s 13 existing product offerings into six core products spanning Bunker Planning, Bunker Procurement, Bunker Supply and Trading, Bunker Pricing and e-BDN solutions. These solutions will facilitate data-driven decisions for customers, with this integrated approach bringing transparency and continuity to customers’ bunkering processes and delivering an enhanced user experience.

Speaking on the announcement, Kenneth Juhls, Managing Director for ZeroNorth Bunker at ZeroNorth, said: “Leveraging real-time market insights and with 50 million tonnes of bunkers already traded annually on the platform, we take pride at ZeroNorth in our ability to drive positive change in the bunkering industry. This includes accelerating digitalisation and transparency in the sector, which ultimately contributes towards our customers’ decarbonisation and commercial goals.”

By optimising the bunkering process, ZeroNorth Bunker turns millions of live data points into actionable recommendations. More robust insights will be generated for customers through this integrated approach, as more data is being interpreted which will in time enable the data flywheel effect, delivering a positive feedback loop.

The platform will be able to deliver deeper, more granular insights into bunker optimisation, reducing fuel consumption and associated costs and emissions for customers, driving benefit for both profit and planet.

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