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Impact Today Q2 2023 Meeting Registration

Impact Today, ZeroNorth non-commercial Immediate Emissions Decarbonisation Working Group, is hosting the second meeting of the year in September 2023. More information about the date and the time will be announced in August. 

Our purpose is to deliver positive environmental impact through industry collaboration on creating standardisations which address key challenges hindering immediate emissions as part of the decarbonisation journey.

This group works to discover a better, smarter way to work and to solve key challenges that could be standing in the way of our industry's mission to decarbonise. Find more information about the working group and ongoing projects here.


Please register below if you would like to join Impact Today or the upcoming meeting.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: No commercial information is to be shared in this group ensuring a safe place for competitors to come together for the betterment of the industry.

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