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Pioneering the Future of Digital Bunkering

The maritime sector is on the brink of a significant digital evolution. Central to this transformation is the move towards digital bunkering, championed by the electronic bunker delivery note (e-BDN). The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), renowned for its maritime innovations, is spearheading this initiative. Their goal? To replace traditional bunker delivery notes with their electronic counterparts, enhancing both efficiency and transparency in the process.

Recognised and Whitelisted by the MPA

As the MPA encourages bunker suppliers, ship owners, and operators to embrace digital bunkering, ZeroNorth's eBDN emerges as a trusted and proficient solution. We're proud to share that ZeroNorth's eBDN, our leading-edge electronic bunker delivery note solution, has been whitelisted by the MPA. This distinction underscores our dedication to offering digital solutions that not only meet but surpass industry benchmarks.

The Advantages of Adopting an Electronic Bunker Delivery Note System

Since the inception of the MPA's electronic bunker delivery note initiative in January 2023, over 100 trials have been conducted, involving a diverse array of bunker suppliers, ship owners, and operators within Singapore's vibrant bunkering ecosystem. The consensus is clear: the shift to digital bunkering with electronic bunker delivery notes can lead to an annual saving of up to 40,000 man-days per year for the bunker industry. By facilitating the automated transmission of bunkering-related data to the MPA, our eBDN solution streamlines compliance and enhances operational efficiency.

Key benefits of the eBDN system include:

  • Streamlined Operations: Eliminate manual processes and extensive paperwork. eBDN ensures prompt and precise electronic bunker delivery note exchanges.
  • Transparency at its Best: With digital bunkering, every transaction is meticulously documented, ensuring unparalleled transparency and accountability.
  • Safety and Security: Digital solutions not only elevate efficiency but also prioritise crew safety by minimising physical interactions and manual documentation.

Charting the Course for Digital Bunkering's Future

With the MPA's vision to mandate electronic bunker delivery notes by the close of 2024, the maritime industry is set for a digital renaissance. As we navigate this transition, ZeroNorth's eBDN is perfectly positioned to lead the way.

Join us in steering the future of digital bunkering. Discover the capabilities of the electronic bunker delivery note with ZeroNorth's eBDN, and step confidently into a new era of maritime efficiency and clarity.