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Building a Data Ecosystem: ZeroNorth agrees partnership with ChartWorld

ZeroNorth and ChartWorld’s Joint Solution Partner Agreement brings more data into Optimise

There are a number of challenges currently facing our industry, and the growing urgency to address each issue effectively means that none of us can work alone. So pressing are these challenges that it is vital that we begin to build ecosystems of digital organisations that are working together to drive greater cumulative impact than could reasonably be achieved alone.

Collaboration is a central pillar of ZeroNorth’s mission and vision. We believe that these pressing issues can only be solved by working together and taking advantage of the complimentary skills and expertise available across the maritime industry. 

Now, ZeroNorth has added another key partner to our network: world-leading maritime digital navigation provider ChartWorld. 

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Actionable data and tangible outcomes

Under this partnership, ChartWorld has licensed access to its route network, port database, and navigational safety systems, all of which are now accessible within Optimise.

Through their proprietary navigational intelligence, ChartWorld provides invaluable insights to help operators and Masters plan and execute the shortest, safest and most compliant vessel routes possible. Much like ZeroNorth, ChartWorld is led by an innovation mindset, and believes that digital solutions will be instrumental in the evolution of the maritime industry.

“The addition of ChartWorld’s route network, port database and navigational safety information all helps us to further power up our software platform, Optimise, and generate even more robust insights,” said our CEO Søren Christian Meyer. “The addition of this data into Optimise will directly benefit our users and, therefore, the wider sustainability and profitability of our sector.”

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The power of collaboration 

The maritime industry is becoming more transparent and comfortable with the idea that collaboration can support commercial performance. We believe that our growing partnership network is an active demonstration of that.

By working together, shipping’s wealth of data — information spanning fleets, vessels, fuel, ports, weather and more — is now being increasingly recognised as a driver of genuine business change.

This is precisely what ZeroNorth has championed in the 12 months since the company’s inception. With an increasing partnership network, the power of Optimise is continually advancing, and so is the level and sophistication of data accessible for operators and owners to make meaningful, calculated decisions about their vessel performance.