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Partnership breaks down data silos

Sharing our partnership news today as ZeroNorth and Veson cut data silos in shipping; 

Our strategic partnership with Veson Nautical will see Optimise natively integrate with Veson’s IMOS Platform (VIP), the maritime sector’s leading solution for commercial freight and fleet management.   

The integration will provide IMOS VIP users with tramp ships the option to use their vessel and fleet data in Optimise, enabling them to unlock better vessel performance and optimise bunker spend. This will increase their profitability, cut CO2 emissions, and improve the sustainability of their fleets.  

Innovation in Integration 

The Optimise-VIP integration breaks down data silos and generates tangible commercial and environmental benefits through digitalisation — encouraging users from across the sector to work together and securely realise actionable insights from their data. 

Leveraging their voyage and vessel data in Optimise, VIP users with tramp ships will be able to unlock greater vessel performance and optimal bunker spend, meaning an increase in profitability, a reduction in CO2 emissions, and greater sustainability of fleets. 

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ZeroNorth and Veson we featured in Tradewinds.  "The tech firms sees the partnership as being part of the bigger picture in decarbonising the shipping industry, in which innovative technology, data visibility and collaboration will be crucial.

The tie-up will help accelerate uptake of digital solutions "that generate both dollar value and sustainability progress", according to Soren Meyer, ZeroNorth's chief executive.
"By working with Veson, we put Optimise into the hands of more operators across tramp shipping, providing them all with the power to turn their data into actionable insights that benefit their business, our sector, and our impact on the world," he said.


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