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ZeroNorth platform demonstrates impact by preventing 443,780 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted from customer vessels in 2022

Overall CO2 saving and emissions reporting made easy with cloud-based integration to DNV demonstrates how platform thinking can support shipping’s immediate decarbonisation efforts

 ZeroNorth has today revealed that its platform prevented 443,780 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere in 2022; a 104% increase compared to the previous year. The technology company is leveraging the announcement as a call-to-action for the wider shipping industry to use deep data calculations to quantify environmental impact. 

ZeroNorth calculated its 2022 CO2 saving by applying a regression model on reported consumption from widespread customer noon reports.The model is fitted separately on both container vessels and non container vessels, considering different vessels’ cargo weight, engine size, maximum speed and other factors contributing to variables in fuel consumption. 

The ZeroNorth platform works by optimising organisations’ daily operational needs, unlocking efficiencies that benefit both profit and planet. Optimisation and efficiencies like those generated by the ZeroNorth platform can contribute up to 20% of the overall reductions needed to reach net zero and will be integral in helping organisations remain profitable while they prepare for a dynamic, greener future.

Alongside this year’s CO2 saving, ZeroNorth has also developed new ways to offer its customers a more streamlined and simplified emissions verification and reporting process. This is achieved through a platform-to-platform partnership with DNV’s Veracity cloud platform which provides ZeroNorth customers with automatic collection and digital assurance of their vessel data for AER, CII and EEXI reporting. 

The emissions data is automatically collected by ZeroNorth and transferred to the Veracity platform via a seamless digital pipeline, enabling continuous automated data uploads and dramatically reducing the need for manual intervention. Through DNV’s integrated verification services, a verified emissions report will be generated that can be used for submission to relevant governing bodies, including the International Maritime Organization, the EU or national governments.

In addition to now offering emissions verification reporting and measuring its emission reduction impact, ZeroNorth’s platform also helps customers to improve vessels’ CII ratings. In a sample taken of vessels currently on the ZeroNorth platform, 60% were able to maintain the same CII rating even after operating for the full year and the remaining 40% of vessels were able to improve their CII rating, through monitoring and taking emissions-reducing action.


Speaking on the announcement, Lora Jakobsen, Chief Purpose Activist, ZeroNorth said: “ZeroNorth’s shared vision is to enable green global trade and tangibly contribute to more sustainable, efficient, and profitable maritime operations. We are proud to have been able to quantify this positive impact by our reduction of 443,780 metric tonnes of CO2 from our customers’ fleets in 2022. This figure was calculated through a rigorous procedure and is a testament to the capability of the ZeroNorth platform to deliver immediate emissions reductions, and comes as a demonstration of our dedication to drive the green transition and support our partners and the industry to move  in the right direction.”

Commenting on the new partnership with DNV, Pelle Sommansson, Chief Product and AI Officer, ZeroNorth, said: “Our goal at ZeroNorth is to make it as easy as possible for shipping companies to meet regulatory requirements and not only advance their decarbonisation efforts, but understand their real emissions impact. This new partnership with DNV further enables us to do just that. By operationalising verified emissions data we eliminate time-consuming manual processes and ensure customers are not only compliant, but also able to make sound commercial and sustainability-related decision-making for profit and planet.” 


Since its inception in 2020, ZeroNorth has expanded quickly, adding five new services to its platform in 2022 alone. The company’s fast growth and ability to support an increasing number of stakeholders across the maritime value chain is indicative of ZeroNorth’s potential to help the global shipping industry effectively decarbonise.