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ZeroNorth and Sedna partner to turn email data into actions and drive greener global trade value chain

New partnership announced during Nor-Shipping 2023 will forge deeper collaboration to generate actionable insights from existing data

Oslo, Norway; 7 June 2023: Technology company ZeroNorth and Sedna, a data-driven communication platform for maritime, have today announced a new partnership, collaborating together with a shared vision to turn email data into actions across the global trade value chain.
The agreement will see both companies work to bring about closer integration between their technologies and solutions, initially focused on unlocking information buried inside the many emails received by shipping professionals every day.
Of the hundreds of emails that a shipping professional receives every day, only a fraction may be directly relevant to them. This can result in missed opportunities and potentially impact day-to-day business performance. Sedna unlocks the hidden value of information buried inside these many emails and adds context to enable smarter working. Meanwhile, ZeroNorth’s platform turns data into actionable insights, interpreting not only vessel data but also information about the reality faced at sea, such as weather and market conditions, to provide voyage, vessel, fuel and bunker optimisations.
The announcement is being made during Nor-Shipping 2023, aligning with this year’s theme dedicated to the value of ‘PartnerShips’ and collaboration in pushing the industry forward. The new partnership will benefit organisations across the global trade value chain, from ship owners and operators through to charterers and fuel suppliers. As the partnership evolves, ZeroNorth and Sedna will explore how they can make user data securely interoperable between the two platforms.
This means that customers of both companies will be able to decisively act not just based on the summary of emails that they receive in the Sedna platform, but also use ZeroNorth’s complex AI-driven algorithms and machine learning capabilities to turn this data into an easily digestible and actionable summary.
Speaking on the announcement, Soren Meyer, CEO at ZeroNorth, said: “We’re committed to driving real impact across the global trade value chain, and partnerships like this one with Sedna closely align with our vision of green global trade.

“Together, we will work on solutions and integrations that enable the maritime industry to rationalise, understand and act on the immense wealth of data it already handles on a daily basis, all to enable more sustainable and profitable outcomes for our customers.”
Bill Dobie, Founder and CEO at Sedna, added: “For effective chartering and voyage operation, the maritime industry has to action an incredible amount of fast-moving data on a daily basis. Digital tools, like ZeroNorth’s platform, provide the necessary means to immediately get key information - such as vessel characteristics, position and fuel consumption predictions - to those on-shore to enhance commercial success and decision-making through faster fixing, proactive operations and reduced carbon costs.
“That’s why I’m delighted to announce the launch of our collaboration together on the side lines of this year’s Nor-Shipping conference, which is dedicated to exploring the power of maritime partnerships. Over the following months, we’ll together explore how we can best harness AI and, with ZeroNorth’s admirable commitment to create a positive environmental impact, address how we can rise to the challenge of building a greener, digital future for shipping.”
The new partnership also advances the collaborative agenda of both Sedna, which already has a number of integrations with digital leaders and ZeroNorth, which is partnering widely across the supply chain to enable genuine impact.