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The following Product Terms apply to the Weather Advisory Consultancy Service.


Customer shall have a valid subscription to Supplier's Voyage Optimisation Platform to use this Consultancy Service, including provide any data required under such Product Terms.


Description of the Consultancy Service

A team of seasoned weather experts incl. master mariners, ship operators, meteorologists, and weather routing experts provide 24/7/365 service and advisory via email or phone to assist and support Customer on shore as well as onboard organisations.

The Weather Advisory Consultancy Services team is able to advise both during voyage planning phase to ensure optimisation of voyage plans based on navigational safety, prevailing weather conditions and environmental factors while also maximising profits.


The Weather Advisory Consultancy Services team keeps a watch over developing weather phenomena and effect on customers vessels at sea and can answer for specific weather queries during a particular passage when raised by either operators or masters.

A combination of algorithm-based weather validation of routes combined with human expertise establishes confidence and trust between vessel operators and masters to execute the recommended optimised speed and route, helping to ensure a vessel can reach its full financial and green potential in all weather.



Technical requirements

Customer is responsible for delivery of data (see below) to Supplier or make the data readily available for Supplier through APIs, SFTPs or similar as instructed by Supplier.



Weather safety limits to be provided by Customer. If no weather safety limits are provided, Customer explicitly agrees and acknowledges that these shall be Supplier's default weather safety limits.


If additional data is required for the Solutions, Supplier will inform Customer.


Third party software or data



Special conditions