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The following Product Terms apply to the Voyage Optimisation Consultancy Service. 

Customer shall have a valid subscription to Supplier's Voyage Optimisation Platform to use this Consultancy Service, including provide any data required under such Product Terms. 

Description of the Consultancy Service  

The Voyage Optimisation Consultancy Service team consists of specialists with extensive shipping experience both as master mariners and commercial operators,which provides complete planning, monitoring and analysis of commercial voyages for Customer's fleet. Through our algorithm-based Voyage Optimisation Platform combined with human expertise, the team provide a detailed and ENC compliant voyage plan to the vessel with an optimum route and speed. Such routes are navigable, weather safe and optimum with regards to prevailing market conditions and bunker prices. 

During voyages, a 24/7 monitoring of the vessel’s progress on a given route is carried out through algorithms and the Voyage Optimisation Consultancy Service team communicates appropriate actions and amendments to the master to ensure that the vessel keeps on the most optimal route and within weather conditions compliant to safety parameters defined for each individual vessel and cargo onboard.

CII/CO2 emissions prediction is directly embedded into the voyage optimisation, which makes the consequences of a choice transparent, helping Customer to set KPIs on CII for voyage management.

The Voyage Optimisation Consultancy Service provide users a transparent and detailed dashboard to evaluate optimisation and financial advantage gained by use of the Voyage Optimisation Platform as well as vessel/fleet CO2 emission and environmental performance.

The combination of AI and human expertise provided by the Voyage Optimisation Consultancy Service team provides a unique opportunity to Customer's commercial operation teams to concentrate on commercial operations while vessels' voyages are optimised by our experts to ensure that vessel’s navigational & weather safety, fuel performance and environmental efficiencies are achieved along with minimising voyage costs and maximising profits.

Technical requirements

Customer is responsible for delivery of data (see below) to Supplier or make the data readily available for Supplier through APIs, SFTPs or similar as instructed by Supplier.



Voyage information

CP restrictions and requirements

Vessel contact details


Third party software or data


Special conditions