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Our mission

Every day we work hard together with customers and partners to develop cutting edge technology into software that will help the tramp shipping industry optimise operations, maximise business and reduce CO2 emission.

We design our products based on these four design principles.

Follow the dollar

Follow the dollar through actionable data

Current data

Utilise currently available data - no hardware installation required

User Experience

Interactive and agile development processes keeping focus on the user experience

Partner knowledge

Partners across tramp shipping and utilising the data and domain knowledge from customers

What if…

You could be confident that your vessels are sailing optimally? Every operator consistently instructs vessels to earn the highest TCE. You could see the impact of USD and CO2 per voyage. Your vessels are monitored by software that knows when to alert your operators if a vessel is not sailing optimally. You have a dashboard where owners, managers and operators could track each voyage total TCE and that helps operators take-action while sailing, not only when a voyage is over.

These are the goals of ZeroNorth’s Optimise

ZeroNorth’s Optimise

  • Higher revenue by optimising vessel operations
  • Utilise data customers already have and turn into action
  • Transparent US dollar and environmental impact of operational actions

Continuously optimise

ZeroNorth’s Optimise helps operators consistently optimise Time charter equivalent (TCE) by addressing the specific actions during a voyage that the operator can execute to improve the bottom line. Our software helps operation teams to identify which vessels are not performing optimally and shows US dollar impact and CO2 emissions from actions operators take.

Allows operators to take better decisions and specific actions to optimise voyage TCE’s thereby positively impacting the bottom line, while providing critical oversight for monitoring potential and actual savings accrued as a consequence.

Aditya Trehan, Head of Operations at Maersk Tankers

About ZeroNorth

ZeroNorth was founded to make the tramp shipping industry more sustainable through digitalisation. It holds a combination of innovative tech minds, built on a foundation of more than 90 years of shipping heritage. The company helps vessel owners and managers operate their vessels more efficiently to reduce CO2 emissions, supporting the industry’s drive towards more sustainable development, and to increase earnings. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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