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Service Description

For the avoidance of doubt, Supplier means ZeroNorth A/S.

Description of the Cloud Services

Subject to the Parties entering into an Agreement, Supplier can provide the following Cloud Services which are integrated into

the Solutions:

Access to and use of the Solution

Supplier shall provide Customer with access to the Solutions (web-based).

Supplier will provide Customer with all relevant login access to the Solutions.

Based on the access to the Solution, Customer is entitled to use the Solution in accordance with the Agreement.

Implementation and migration services

Supplier will provide the following implementation and migration services to Customer at no additional cost.

Supplier has a designated customer success manager and sale account manager for each customer at no cost to Customer.

Supplier offers in-software feedback for customers to share bugs, improvements or issues as per below.


Supplier will provide group trainings to Customer’s operators as well as trainings to designated super users as reasonably necessary for the effective use of the Cloud Services.

Go-Live services:

Supplier will perform set-up services, such as project management, design, development, implementation, integration, conversion, testing, installation, documentation and training services, as necessary.


The documentation for any Solution will describe fully and accurately the features and functions of the Solution well enough to allow a reasonably skilled user to effectively use all of its features and functions without assistance from Supplier.

Operation and management of the Solution

Supplier will operate and manage the Solution, including the underlying technical infrastructure and software, in order to ensure

its availability to Customer in accordance with the Agreement.

Supplier will continuously monitor the Solution for any technical, security, performance or other issues and take appropriate measures to address such issues, including diagnostics/troubleshooting, configuration management and system repair management.

The operation of the Solution also includes continuous updates of business continuity plans, contingency plans and disaster recovery plans on an ongoing basis.

Maintenance services

The Solutions and Cloud Services will regularly be improved, amended and enhanced in accordance with the roadmap of Supplier. Supplier will update the Service Description accordingly.

Supplier will provide (i) regular scheduled maintenance tasks and activities and (ii) limited unplanned/emergency maintenance tasks and activities.

Support services

Customer will have access to Supplier's technical support services. Customer support is designated per customer. Each customer will be assigned a customer success manager. Support can be reached in two methods: (i) through an in-tool feedback button directly in a Solution or (ii) via email to Supplier's customer team at the email inserted below.


Supplier will provide standard support between 6 AM and 6 PM CET, Monday through Friday, excluding Danish national holidays, as part of the Agreement.

Supplier will provide support services in accordance with industry practice. On-site support will be available to the extent specifically agreed with Supplier.

Material sub-suppliers

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services ("AWS")

Please note that Supplier is entitled to change a material sub-supplier as set out in Suppliers T&Cs and/or any Product Terms.