Bunker Optimisation

Open Platform for Industry

Historically, bunker planning, procurement, and distribution has been a complicated and, at times, cumbersome task that, by its nature, is required for every vessel in the global fleet. With  too many processes and stakeholders involved, and without a seamless flow of data, it makes it hard to get ahead of the curve and reach their goals.

Earlier this year, we announced the acquisition of ClearLynx, the industry’s leading online platform for the bunker fuel market. Adding ClearLynx to the ZeroNorth platform has allowed us to provide ship owners and operators with an integrated end-to-end solution for commercial and environmental optimisation of bunkering, voyages, and vessels.

Bunker Optimisation

ZeroNorth's bunker optimisation platform unites buyers, sellers, traders, and consultants on a one platform to interact online 24/7. While there will always be price volatility, this union of parties provides accurate market information instantaneous and continuously.

How does it work?

The power of this bunkering optimisation technology lies in the artificial intelligence that ZeroNorth employs to reduce uncertainty and provide decision-makers with objective insights on bunkering planning and procurement at all times. At the same time, the platform recommendations helps managers to delineate baselines and measure improvements as market conditions fluctuate and evolve.

With ClearLynx and ZeroNorth integration, we are breaking down the silos to create one interconnected bunker planning and procurement process. ClearLynx has consistently pioneered software for the bunker industry. The company’s current suite of products spans bunker procurement, pricing and analytics, business intelligence, optimisation, planning, compliance and data feeds.

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