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ZeroNorth & Veson Nautical: Partnering to Unlock Vessel Optimisation for More Tramp Shippers

As a maritime tech company driving data into actions, we’re proud to partner with Veson Nautical, unlocking the power of Optimise for more tramp shipping owners and operators. 

Our strategic partnership with Veson Nautical will see Optimise natively integrate with Veson’s IMOS Platform (VIP), the maritime sector’s leading solution for commercial freight and fleet management.   

The integration will provide IMOS VIP users with tramp ships the option to use their vessel and fleet data in Optimise, enabling them to unlock better vessel performance and optimise bunker spend. This will increase their profitability, cut CO2 emissions, and improve the sustainability of their fleets.  

Innovation in Integration 

The Optimise-VIP integration breaks down data silos and generates tangible commercial and environmental benefits through digitalisation — encouraging users from across the sector to work together and securely realise actionable insights from their data. 

Leveraging their voyage and vessel data in Optimise, VIP users with tramp ships will be able to unlock greater vessel performance and optimal bunker spend, meaning an increase in profitability, a reduction in CO2 emissions, and greater sustainability of fleets. 


How it works

By using a secure API, data from VIP feeds directly into Optimise. Using this same data, operators receive action-led recommendations to improve their time charter equivalent rate (TCE) while simultaneously lowering CO2 emissions. 

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Beneficial for Both Veson and ZeroNorth Customers.

Great Insights, Great Outcomes 

ZeroNorth and Veson Nautical share a key goal to support shipping’s decarbonisation goals through software, enhancing vessel performance and reducing costs and CO2 emissions. 

For Veson customers, users gain access to another market-leading application in Optimise, directly integrated with the VIP platform. Not only does this add to the existing suite of best-in-breed software and applications at their fingertips, but the integration further streamlines digital workflows to generate greater actionable insights. 

Integration Capabilities: 

  • Using available data, Optimise maximises earnings and increases transparency on a vessel’s environmental impact.
  • Data is interpreted according to each user’s view of their potential market, ensuring that outcomes are relevant at the vessel, fleet and organisation level.
  • Data can be examined for an entire fleet or a specific vessel segment, giving a clear view of potential and realised value for any period.
  • A secure API makes VIP data safely and instantly accessible in Optimise at the user’s request, eliminating the need for manual data input.
  • All voyage legs are recorded, logged and quantified, enabling users to follow CO2 emissions and US dollar upside to their operations over time.
  • Leverages third-part information such as weather data, AIS positions and bunker prices to offer recommendations for best operating speeds.

For ZeroNorth customers, the integration accelerates the digitalisation of shipping vessels, supporting decarbonisation and cost-saving insights across the industry. It puts the power of Optimise in more hands, generating a greater cumulative cost and emissions saving outcome. 


Breaking Down Data Silos - topic of discussion in ZeroNorth's Compass Conversations: Veson Nautical Ceo, John Veson and ZeroNorth Ceo, Søren Meyer talk about how partnerships and data sharing are the way to drive digitalisation and decarbonisation of the shipping industry.  


Make your data actionable

We are pleased to partner with Veson Nautical to help their customers increase TCE earnings and reduce CO2 emissions. Discover how Optimise can benefit your company. 

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