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ZeroNorth and Spire Maritime partner to reduce emissions in shipping

New collaboration powers Maersk Tanker and Cargill-invested ZeroNorth’s vessel optimisation software with Spire’s data, driving impactful revenue and sustainability decision-making  

Spire Maritime & ZeroNorth partner to provide easy access to market-leading AIS and weather forecast data

ZeroNorth Optimise users now get access to clean data to minimise risk and maximise profits 

Spire Maritime provides clean, smart data and solutions delivered through easy-to-use APIs, and we are excited to announce our partnership with ZeroNorth, a maritime tech company that drives data into actions. This partnership allows ZeroNorth’s to leverage comprehensive AIS data and weather forecasts to deliver more accurate actionable data allowing their Optimise platform users to improve their vessel performance, mitigate risk, safeguard cargo, and improve fleet sustainability. 

With the industry’s growing focus on fuel efficiency, emissions reduction, safety and productivity,

it is more important than ever to have access to accurate and comprehensive AIS and weather forecast data. Spire Maritime’s unique combination of Satellite AIS, Dynamic AIS™, and Terrestrial AIS provides users with an unprecedented level of coverage on global maritime shipping routes. This comprehensive tracking data, combined with advanced maritime weather forecasts, provides customers with incredibly comprehensive data that is decluttered, smart, and easy-to-use.

The Spire Maritime Data Difference: Accurate data builds better algorithms 

Spire Maritime’s market-leading AIS data is beyond comprehensive as it combines three types of AIS data - satellite, terrestrial, and our own Dynamic AIS™. 

Dynamic AIS™ is a world-first innovation developed by Spire Maritime to solve the maritime industry’s growing data gap problem. Launched in 2020, Dynamic AIS™ quickly became the new industry standard for global vessel tracking. Dynamic AIS™ delivers unprecedented data in the busiest shipping lanes and congested ports with no AIS data gaps. AIS data gaps in high traffic zones ( ex: South China Sea) have been a challenge in the maritime industry for decades. These gaps impact ship safety, trading, revenue, and insurance claims. Dynamic AIS™ solves the growing data gap problem.


Unprecedented level of coverage

Spire Maritime’s unique combination of Satellite AIS, Dynamic AIS™, and Terrestrial AIS provides users with an unprecedented level of coverage on global maritime shipping routes.

Weather forecast data is essential to building optimised operations especially in maritime where the weather creates delays, impacts crew assignments and routing, and affects fuel efficiency. Collecting weather data in remote areas and open oceans is challenging. This partnership with  Spire Maritime includes Spire Weather’s Maritime Weather API. 

Using Weather forecasts for increased Vessel Performance 

Spire’s proprietary radio occultation data provides global coverage and high resolution in open oceans. Radio occultation measures how GPS signals bend as they pass through the atmosphere between satellites. This measurement reveals the temperature, pressure, and humidity in the atmosphere. As satellites continue to orbit and relay signals, Spire Weather captures a detailed vertical profile of the atmosphere and homogeneously collected across the entire globe - providing a unique coverage.

Radio occultation captures detailed temperature, humidity, and pressure information across the entire planet, including our vast oceans and under-observed areas. The resulting boost to weather prediction is beneficial to global maritime enterprises as well as many other industries. Ocean weather conditions have a direct impact on shipping costs, cargo protection, time estimating, and fuel efficiency. The more data seafarers have on waves, wind and currents the better they can navigate to optimise fuel efficiency and plan more accurate arrival times.

How it works

Spire collects data with its constellation of Low Earth Multi-Use Receiver (LEMUR) a 3U CubeSat platform able to track maritime, aviation, and weather activity from space.

Spire Satellite AIS data and Radio Occultation is captured from space using it’s own network of ground stations where it is cleaned and refined and delivered into easy-to-use REST APIs. 

Spire’s Maritime and Maritime Weather API provides clean and smart data directly to Optimise platform. Using this same data, operators receive action-led recommendations to improve their time charter equivalent rate (TCE) while simultaneously lowering CO2 emissions. 


-  The Low Earth Multi-Use Receiver (LEMUR) is Spire’s 3U CubeSat platform used to track maritime, aviation, and weather activity from space

-   Spire operates the world’s largest RF sensing fleet and are the largest producer of radio occultation and space weather data

-   Spire’s data provides a global view with coverage in remote regions like oceans and poles not observed by traditional systems.

-   All data can be refreshed within a 15 minutes cycle

-   Spire continuously launches improved sensors and upgrades them in-orbit.

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Great partners deliver great solutions 

This partnership with ZeroNorth brings our market-leading data into ZeroNorth’s Optimise platform where customers can benefit from using our quality data and develop more sustainable enterprises while achieving greater profitability and emissions compliance. Spire Maritime and ZeroNorth share a key vision to support shipping industry decarbonisation goals through digitalisation, enhancing vessel performance, and reducing costs and CO2 emissions. 

ZeroNorth customers gain access to best-in-breed data in Optimise which further streamlines digital workflows, generating greater actionable insights. Optimise users can use the built-in access to Spire Maritime’s weather and AIS data when the software’s algorithm calculates its recommendations.

For ZeroNorth customers, the integration accelerates the digitalisation of shipping vessels, supporting decarbonisation, and cost-savings. This partnership expands the usage of Spire Maritime’s market-leading data which will create greater cumulative cost and emissions savings industry-wide, which will have a positive impact on global sustainability.

Experience the Data Difference

Both Spire and ZeroNorth are pleased with the partnership which helps ZeroNorth's customers increase TCE earnings and reduce global CO2 emissions. 

About  ZeroNorth  

ZeroNorth was founded to make the tramp shipping industry more sustainable through digitalisation. It offers innovative tech thinking, built on a foundation of more than 90 years of shipping heritage. The company helps vessel owners and operators operate their vessels more efficiently to reduce CO2 emissions, supporting the industry’s drive towards more sustainable development, and to increase earnings. The company has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.     


About Spire Maritime 

Launched in late 2018, Spire Maritime is on a mission is to enable the digital transformation of organisations towards data-driven business opportunities in the maritime industry. Providing best-in-class satellite AIS tracking data and reliable open-ocean weather forecasts. To learn more visit  

Launched in late 2018, Spire Maritime is on a mission to become the global leader in capturing, mining, refining, and analysing AIS-related data and information. To learn more, visit: 

About Spire Global Inc. 

Spire is a space-powered data and analytics platform that offers unique datasets and powerful insights about Earth from the ultimate vantage point so organisations can make decisions with confidence, accuracy, and speed. Spire uses the largest multi-purpose satellite constellation to source and enrich data with the most accurate predictive solutions so organisations can rapidly course-correct, deploy resources, mitigate risk, and save lives. Spire gives commercial and government organisations an unprecedented competitive advantage to innovate and solve the world’s toughest problems from space. Spire has offices in San Francisco, Boulder, Washington DC, Glasgow, Luxembourg, Singapore. To learn more, visit