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Integrated Weather Routing

The Challenge

Multiple unconnected services with different priorities ultimately impacts the industry’s ability to decarbonise. Integrating weather routing together with voyage optimisation will have a positive impact on the environment and commerciality, without compromising safety. 

While the future of weather routing will continue to enable masters to fulfil their critical role of vessel and crew safety management, shipping’s data landscape has matured enough through technology platforms that the benefits of weather data and applications no longer need to be siloed from each other.

The ZeroNorth platform brings the power of interconnected data into one platform for operators to have at the opportunity to reach the full potential of every vessel - proactively optimising safety, profitability and emissions.

Integrated Weather Routing

Integrated weather routing is now available in Optimise, empowering operators to take advantage of the weather on every route in any weather. The software monitors vessels and data in real time to continuously identify optimal routes and alert operators when action is needed.  

Additionally, we are launching ZeroNorth weather advisory services which assists operators and masters to make sure the optimal route is executed, supporting customers every step in the journey from planning through sailing. We empower operators to fully optimise a vessel for profit and planet, while also sailing safe.

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Route Comparison

Optimise now offers full transparency across different routing options in Optimise. Regardless if routes come from ZeroNorth or 3rd parties, it is possible to compare weather, USD upside and CO2 emission (apples to apples).

Due to optimised software processes and intelligent algorithms which predict which data is relevant, this evaluation happens in real time, which gives the Operator and Master unprecedented options to compare and make the right choices - both prior to departure and enroute. If circumstances change operators are alerted to update the plans - meaning they can trust their vessel is always sailing safely and optimally.

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