“It’s incredible to think that every time our customers use our platform, we’re making an impact” - ZeroNorth hires new VP of Business and Services Development, Fernando Bosch

Our new VP of Business and Services Development, Fernando Bosch, joins us with extensive experience in building AI-powered software, most recently for the airline industry. He has been creating operational tools to optimise network planning, disruption management, weather routing etc., for companies like KLM and Delta Air Lines. Originally from Uruguay, he has a background in equal measures business and tech, which uniquely positions him to use data and technology to create substantial business value across industry verticals. 

What drives and motivates him is creating software solutions to capture business value for customers: “I enjoy solving real problems for people. AI offers incredible opportunities to address real, comprehensive pain points for companies, desperate to revolutionise the way they operate.”

At ZeroNorth, Fernando will be responsible for new products and innovation. He will be working closely with both product, data science, sales and customer success - and of course, our customers themselves.  

A critical component of building good software is being able to convert the needs of your customers into great software that has an impact on their lives, and helps them make a difference in the world: “At ZeroNorth, we’re using state of the art data science and technology, not only to solve tangible challenges for our users and make their work easier, but also to help shipping companies fulfill their goals to decarbonise,” says Fernando.  

The sheer size and complexity of the shipping industry represents an exciting challenge for Fernando: “We’re dealing with a very fragmented, siloed industry, and building a platform that services all these different stakeholders with different work areas, objectives and responsibilities is what I’m looking most forward to by joining ZeroNorth.” 

In addition to this, the opportunity to help the shipping reduce emissions immediately, precisely by making ZeroNorth’s enormous data ecosystem work for all stakeholders across the maritime value chain, was another big drawcard for Fernando as he decided to join ZeroNorth: 

“It’s incredible to think that every time our customers use our platform, we’re making an impact. It’s extremely motivating for me, and I’m excited to help make the platform even better, easier to use, and to create more value for our customers.”