Impact Today Q4 Meeting Registration

Impact Today’s, quarterly meeting of the decarbonisation working group will be on Thursday, December the 1st,  from 15:00 – 17:00

Our purpose is to deliver positive environmental impact through industry collaboration on creating standardisations which address key challenges hindering immediate  emissions as part of the decarbonisation journey.

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The aim of Impact Today is to tackle challenges stopping immediate CO2 reductions through increased standardisation and to accelerate the transition to greener global trade. Regulation is pushing companies to act now. The shipping industry is emitting 3% of the global CO2 emissions. 

This group works to discover a better, smarter way to work and to solve key challenges that could be standing in the way of our industry's mission to decarbonise. 

The path to reducing emissions in the shipping industry in the short-term goes through operational optimisations across the maritime industry. By expanding our focus on optimisation to also include Vessels and Bunker, in addition to Voyages, the need for clear, impartial, structured data to underpin crucial decision-making has become exponentially more evident. 

By focusing on noon report standardisation and building our advanced Fuel Model, ZeroNorth is leaning into building a stronger, scalable data foundation to act as a nexus for previously siloed parties, consolidating processes across the maritime value chain into one source of intelligence.

The topic of this meeting will be an update on the following initiatives:

The Fuel Model Standard

  • Goal: Increase accuracy of fuel models used for voyage optimisation
  • Output: White paper, formulation of an industry-wide standard to measure fuel consumption model accuracy
  • Click here to read the White Paper 
  • Status: Second white paper to be release in Nov 2022
  • Discussion: Review the new white paper on advanced fuel model

The Noon Report Standard

  • Goal: Modernise noon report to more holistic vessel reports covering data required for emissions, bunker and voyage optimisations.
  • Output: White paper, Call for noon report standardisation
  • Click here to read the White Paper
  • Status: Sub-committee met to agree on full data set. Data was parsed into fit for purpose. Definition of terms and technical specifications of data in progress. Collaboration with other associations to get standard published ongoing.
  • Discussion: Review data for standard, share inputs from sub-committee, discuss data fit for purpose and definition of terms, share status of collaborations with other associations, publication of a standard.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: No commercial information is to be shared in this group ensuring a safe place for competitors to come together for the betterment of the industry.