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All-in-One Compliance Solution

Ensure regulatory compliance with ease

Navigate the complexities of maritime regulations with our comprehensive solution. Integrate the power of Vessel Reporting with the in-depth insights of Emission Analytics.

All-in-One Compliance Solution

Understanding the challenges you face, ZeroNorth presents a tailored solution for forward-thinking maritime professionals. By seamlessly integrating our Vessel Reporting and Emission Analytics solutions, we provide an all-encompassing toolset designed to navigate the intricacies of maritime regulations with confidence. This isn't just about meeting regulations—it's about exceeding them, optimising operations, and enhancing profitability.

Vessel Reporting

Key features:

  • Cloud-based vessel app with offline support
  • 200+ data validation points
  • Multi-user support
  • Onshore view of reports
  • Export and offline backup
  • Pre-populated fields
  • Customisable reports to fit your data needs
  • Industry standards that support compliance with regulations
Kartik Kathavate
Head of Fuel Optimisation, Maersk Tankers

“We’ve been able to get a vessel up and running within a week, including the whole process of getting the technical documents from the pool partner and for the first report to come in and get validated.”

  • Kartik Kathavate
    Head of Fuel Optimisation, Maersk Tankers

Benefits of the Combined Offering

Unified Reporting: Seamlessly integrate vessel reporting with emission analytics for comprehensive insights.

Stay Ahead: Be prepared for evolving maritime regulations with our all-in-one solution.

Efficiency & Accuracy: Reduce manual tasks, ensure accurate reporting, and make data-driven decisions.

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How Vessel Reporting works

With ZeroNorth’s Vessel Reporting, data collection becomes simpler. An easy-to-use interface makes it simple for crew and onshore teams to incorporate reports within their operations. The platform provides a unique solution that enables customers to customise their vessel reporting needs, while ensuring data quality and compliance with regulations.

Because the Vessel Reporting application is cloud-based, no additional hardware installation is required onboard. Your crews can send reports using the application in no time. Onshore teams can view the submitted reports in the ZeroNorth platform, with an integrated data forwarding feed that powers our CII Fleet and Vessel views.

How Emissions Analytics works

ZeroNorth’s unique position in the market allows shipping partners to collect data through vessel reporting, enabling our customers to aggregate data and consistently generate reliable emissions reports. By incorporating emissions data into a single platform, both the burden and the risk are minimised.

With Emissions Analytics, customers can easily gather emissions metrics on all voyages and aggregate data as needed while also getting an overview at the fleet level. Using embedded data validation routines, the platform streamlines the user experience for generating and verifying reports for the Sea Cargo Charter, the EU MRV and the IMO DCS.


In late 2022, Maersk Tankers officially rolled out ZeroNorth’s Vessel Reporting solution, which promotes collaboration between Masters, Chief Engineers, and shore teams with multi-user support, transparent version histories, and over 200 validation points. 

Almost immediately, the Maersk shore team noticed improvements in the quality of data they were receiving. Click play to hear how Kartik Kathavate, Head of Fuel Optimisation at Maersk Tankers, has implemented Vessel Reporting to seamlessly connect ship and shore.

Ensure Ongoing Compliance with ZeroNorth

Equip your operations with the best in maritime technology and ensure you're prepared for the future.

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