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Our Greek office is a significant expansion for ZeroNorth and signifies the important role our Greek customers play in our efforts to digitalise shipping for the climate. 

ZeroNorth Greece provides us with a direct means to support our current Greek customers, while expanding our customer base in one of shipping’s most important regions. The move enables greater engagement with Greek tramp shipping operators and allows them to have first-hand experience with ZeroNorth’s vessel optimisation software, Optimise.

The Piraeus office will be headed up by Panayotis Bachtis, who joins ZeroNorth as the General Manager for ZeroNorth Greece. 

"We are in this together"

Panayotis Bachtis, ZeroNorth Greece General Manager and Joachim Gerlach, Sales Manager, discuss how to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by the industry. 

Please reach out to ZeroNorth Greece General Manager - Panayotis Bachtis at

Bachtis comes from a family with deep roots in shipping. He has occupied various positions around the technical and commercial operation of a ship.

For the greatest part of his career, he has been working closely with Greek shipping companies, providing solutions to optimise bunker procurement and mitigate the risk from oil price fluctuations.