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Optimise, BunkerAction and Expanding Our Horizons: ZeroNorth in the Spotlight

ZeroNorth is growing, and we want to share just some of the news we’ve featured and been in lately.

As a maritime technology company, our mission is simple: enhance vessel performance, increase earnings and reduce CO2 emissions for tramp shippers. At ZeroNorth, we firmly believe that the way forward isn’t simply by accumulating information, but by using actionable data to make informed decisions about your fleet’s performance.

Recently, our CEO, Søren Christian Meyer has featured in a number of maritime publications, discussing the exciting and untapped potential of digital transformation in achieving vessel optimisation and improved environmental sustainability. As we continue to expand our operations and outreach, we’ve been sharing news of Optimise — and other exciting business updates — more widely within the media.

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Søren Meyer in the press

As shipping edges closer and closer to IMO 2030 and 2050 emissions goals, there has been increasing focus on digitalisation and its ability to help unlock a zero-emissions future for shipping while also maintaining the bottom line.

Coinciding with MEPC75, our CEO, Søren spoke with Holly Birkett at TradeWinds, one of the most widely read maritime publications, highlighting both our proud heritage and journey from Maersk Tankers to independent company, and also how the need to  be able to generate tangible bunker savings and actionable sustainability insights coincided with a growing desire in the market to take decision-making back into our industry’s collective hands.

“We founded ZeroNorth very much to help shipowners and ship operators in the tramp shipping industry to really operate their vessels more efficiently, and thereby reduce CO2 emissions and increase earnings,” said Søren, speaking about ZeroNorth’s beginnings. “I think we need to speak the language of the shipping industry — and the language of the shipping industry is to make sure that the US dollar and CO2 [reductions] go hand in hand.”

Furthermore, in October, ZeroNorth featured in an article on the rise of digitalisation in shipping, which also explored the specific benefits of the Optimise software. Speaking with Craig Eason of Fathom World, Søren spoke about the digital-first optimisation technologies transforming vessel efficiency, and their potential impact on time charter equivalent and emissions.

Additionally, the piece highlighted the potential $12billion in savings for the industry to unlock if all vessels were using data-driven optimisation technology.



Working hand-in-hand with Optimise, our recently launched BunkerAction bunker planning tool uses data to provide tramp shipping operators with recommendations about where, when and what to bunker for vessels across their fleet.

The software, which lives within our Optimise platform, has launched as a Beta product with more features to be added in the coming weeks and months. Using currently available data such as vessel specifics, position, route, ETA and tank capacity, we believe that BunkerAction and Optimise will together be a one-stop optimisation tool for operators.

The launch of the new software was covered across a wide range of maritime publications including Bunkerspot, Maritime Post and Ship Insight.


Expanding our Board of Directors

October also saw two milestone additions to the ZeroNorth Board of Directors; Danny Lange, Senior Vice President of artificial intelligence at Unity Software, and Eric Aboussouan, Director of Strategy and Digitalisation at Cargill Ocean Transportation. The welcome addition of Danny and Eric to our team attracted the attention of Maritime Executive, Shipping Watch and TradeWinds.

Danny and Eric joining our board highlights that the digital transformation of shipping to support decarbonisation cannot be done in isolation. Looking beyond the confines of our industry and collaborating widely is vital to accelerate the creation of shipping’s transformation ecosystem.

Read more about Danny Lange and Eric Aboussouan: Danny Lange and Eric Aboussouan join ZeroNorth’s Board of Directors

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Shipping is embarking on an important transformations, shaping its future for generations to come. Digital and data technologies will be essential in underpinning this widespread advancement.

As we continue to expand our operations, we’re committed to bringing you the latest insights and developments on digitalisation in shipping. That’s why we have created Compass, our dedicated blog space.

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