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The following Product Terms apply to the ClearLynx Data Feeds product.


Description of the Solution  

Real-time pricing for all key fuel grades, available through API or FTP site. Daily reporting of HSFO, VLSFO, & LSMGO, spreads between VLSFO/HSFO and VLSFO/LSMGO. 



Technical requirements

None, solution is web-based





Third party software or data



Special conditions

Customers will be required to provide an accurate list of approved users for the Site and will receive discrete login credentials for each of their users. Each customer is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date list of participants, and promptly advising ClearLynx of any changes to personnel for purposes of adding or removing users.


Customer is fully responsible for use of the Site by the Users, and for preventing unauthorized use of the ID and any Account, and will use its best efforts to prevent the same. Customers agree that their personnel will not share or publish their personal, discrete login and user ID credentials to others within or without their companies.


Customer shall take all reasonable precautions that are reasonably necessary to (i) prevent access to the Service(s) or any component thereof by any individual who is not an Authorized User; (ii) prevent any unauthorized distribution or redistribution of the Service(s); and (iii) protect the proprietary rights of Provider, its affiliates and their third-party licensors in the Service(s). Subscriber shall not modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or store the Service(s) or any software contained therein. Data forming part of the Services must have the appropriate attribute as sourced by Provider.


Except as specifically provided herein, Customer shall not publish, reproduce, and/or otherwise distribute, externally, the Service(s) or any component or portion thereof in any manner (including, but not limited to, via or as part of any internet site). Customer shall be able to create derivative work from the Service(s) but shall not distribute externally, such derivative work without the prior written approval of Provider and such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. and any such approved use or distribution may be subject to payment of additional fees by Subscriber. It is understood that the foregoing shall not prohibit Authorized Users from, in the ordinary course of Customer’s business, (i) performing analyses based on Provider data to which it obtains access under this Agreement; or (ii) using Provider data to which it obtains access under this Agreement to confirm its individual contracts or as a basis for verifying individual contracts it enters into, with the understanding that Provider has no responsibility for any such uses and provided that no such contracts are otherwise sold or transferred as separate financial instruments; provided, however, that in either case, neither Subscriber nor its Authorized Users shall redistribute any data from the Service(s) as part of such use externally.